How many extra miles do you do supporting your team in the field?

How much time is spent explaining which A-B line should be used, to an operator? Save time and energy!

Vantage England & Wales can connect you to your Trimble devices and create a WIFI hotspot in the cab, allowing connectivity and benefits such as;

– WIFI hotspot to connect your devices, perfect for iPads with no sim

– Access web pages such as GateKeeper from the field.

– Download operators manuals to save trips to the yard.

– Remotely access and control your guidance display, you or your Vantage dealer can see and rectify issues without attending site.

– Backup your display data to the cloud, reduce risk of losses.

– Track machine location and travel paths in the field, updating every 60 seconds you can plan your operation or check on progress.

– Bring fields to life as a Google Map will complement the field in the display, letting you or your operator reference location.

Vantage England & Wales can supply a connectivity package to all GFX, TMX and XCN displays. Think how much time you could save this season, get in touch with us today.

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