Advisory - Vantage E & W


We know being an advisor is not easy, that is why we have selected some key solutions which can help not only capture information efficiently, but share it at speed throughout your network of colleagues and customers.

Reliable NDVI readings at the press of a trigger, the Trimble Greenseeker handheld is your perfect partner when it comes to understanding plant needs. The trusted infrared sensor has a clear digital display for reading in sunlight or for speed, record readings directly into the mobile app. For larger areas or remote monitoring, Trimble Farmer Pro delivers satellite imagery which is regularly updated and can allow historical interrogation, ideal for informed decision making ahead of land purchases.

Using the Trimble cloud-based software solution it is possible to create a structure of businesses under one umbrella, yours. Being able to not only see but engage with customers on the same platform and send or receive information wirelessly as people are scouting or machines are working delivers significant value and could set you apart from the others in your field.

Go the extra mile for your customers and predict the events before they happen using Spectrum modelling. Based on the weather station instances and surrounding sensor technology, these models give an accurate prediction of pest breakout or weed burden before they happen, giving you time to apply the correct treatments in the best place to prevent, rather than cure.

Take your digital farm into the field and utilise the scouting application to record disease or weed instances, record images, notes and even GPS location to make accurate records of crop situations. Wirelessly populating with the platform, it is possible for colleagues and customers to see and act on these results with reduced delays.

Understand what is happening beneath the surface with Sprectum penetrometers, a lightweight and simple to use design. Available as both analogue and digital versions it is possible to quickly understand depth and severity of underground compaction, even wirelessly record to the mobile app to reduce paperwork and improve accuracy as you walk.

Utilise the Trimble Catalyst for accurate recording of points or areas in the field, sharing across multiple platforms or compatible with existing apps. Trimble Catalyst has accuracy available from sub metre to 1cm and can be used on a pay as you go basis, removing the need for expensive subscriptions. Equip yourself and your team for accurate mapping of weeds, zones, polygons or reference points with this simple to use tool.

Give your customers the gift of accurate weather recording with Spectrum Weather Stations, a complete line up of accurate and remotely accessible units to detail new and historic events. Available with cloud-based application for real time monitoring and analysis, your recommendations can be made with today in mind allowing customers to make the most of any weather window.

Reduce time spent on records by employing Trimble technology with machine applications, automate the recording of chemical, granular and seed materials using serial rate or ISOBUS solutions. Available to integrate with existing technology or as a retrofit solution, this system can automatically record what has been applied where and under what conditions, so you don’t have to.