Baling - AS Communications (UK) Ltd.


A lot to do in a short amount of time, even baling can be made easier using some of our product portfolio. Large or small, square or round, take a look below and see how our products can help you get crop off the ground.

Trimble displays are ISOBUS compatible and often a neater install than the manufacturers control box, maybe utilize an existing terminal you have on the farm. Being able to display and control baler functions through one displays lowers the clutter in the cab and gives you more room to operate.

Avoid damaging panels or steps when reversing, install an external camera on to your machine and have eyes next to the bale chamber. Vantage ASC can supply and install heavy duty camera(s) to your machine and display the activity on your Trimble display or a standalone monitor giving clear sight, even at night.

Following a mower or a combine which has guidance, then use the same guidance lines and remove the need to steer down 80% of the swath. Available as retrofit or on guidance ready machines, Trimble steering can import A-B lines from other machines or make one on the move, allowing the machine to steer itself so you can concentrate on the pickup reel or knotters.

Simply record the client, farm and field name on our displays making sure records are correct, operators simply select the field and complete the task as required, start and finish times auto populate leaving nothing to chance. Also add bale count to the task name, easy to sync back to the cloud or download, billing can be much easier post season.

Always required in the same place at the same time, knowing what the weather is doing before you arrive can be essential in getting more baling done during a day. Utilising our weather station technology it is possible to monitor weather in real time remotely or even on the machine as you operate, leaving nothing to interpretation. Send operators to the drier fields or prioritise those which are forecast for rain with confidence.

During the campaign machines and implements can be left in fields unattended, don’t be a victim of theft during this season. Using technology from Vantage ASC we are able to remotely monitor vehicles with powered asset trackers. We can even monitor those implements with no power source or bowsers and trailers with our non-powered asset tag. Deter theft and improve your operation efficiency with our tracking products.

In addition to tracking we can offer a number of products to help you keep your equipment more secure. Take advantage of a quick release bracket to dismount your GPS receiver at night, or our SmartTrace forensic marking service to deter thieves and database your equipment. With the addition of our WIFI modems it is possible to automate data backup to the cloud, and we can now offer GPS Receiver Tracking on certain products. Work with us to help keep your equipment on farm for longer.