Drilling - Vantage E & W


Putting seeds into the ground in the right conditions is not without its challenges, many of which are out of our control. However, for those we are able to control there are a number of products from Vantage ASC which could make the experience easier and even faster when employed correctly.

Calibrating your drill could be much easier using our seed counting system from MC Electronics. Retrofit to your drill and available as standalone or ISOBUS this sensor continually monitors seeds per m3 as you travel across the field. Understanding seed populations in real time allows continual monitoring or adjustments should the seed flow differ to the recommendations. Ensure uniformity through the field with this simple retrofit sensor suitable for most equipment brands.

There is nothing more embarrassing than a blocked coulter alongside the main road, this could be a thing of the past with blockage sensors. A retrofit sensor from MC Electronics which is simple to install in the seed tube can alert operators visually and audibly when there is a blocked coulter, allowing them to identify it immediately and rectify the issue. Simply configure for your machine pipe diameter and coulter quantity to make misses a thing of the past, leaving no space for weed populations or embarrassment.

Traditionally sprayers were the beneficiaries of section control, but now we commonly install on drills and spreaders to make them more efficient delivering materials to the ground, even varying rate across multiple products at the same time. Trimble technology can control up to 255 sections independently, comfortably able to control most machine types. Over application of material can be detrimental to crops and also be a waste of material in the wrong areas, reduce these instances by using section control on both new and existing drills with our standalone displays.

Years of experience tells us that field areas or soil types perform differently, let us tailor your applications to suit each part of the field individually, create prescription maps using Farmer Pro. Trimble can receive and act on a prescription map, prescribing application rates of seed or fertiliser to pre-set parameters done by you or your advisor. Our engineers can retrofit motor drives in place of land wheels and deliver variable rate on older equipment, getting more from your initial investment. Upskill any operator and ensure uniformity of application with variable rate technology from Vantage ASC.

Arguably more important than tractor steering, implement steering physically changes the tractor controls to keep the application point on line, matching each pass perfectly as the machine crosses the field. A common partner for trailed drills which are prone to drifting based on ground conditions, moving the tractor off line to put the drill where it should be can vastly improve drilling accuracy and reduce misses which can allow for weeds to establish. For more accurate drill placement introduce Trimble True Tracker to machines with a steering axle, control the power unit and drill independently keeping both on the same line to the desired accuracy.

With implement values increasing and the movement of machines becoming easier, employ our asset tracking products to keep an eye on your equipment’s location. A simple discreet tracker can be retrofitted to any machine with or without a battery and report a location to an online portal, accessible by PC or mobile device. Receiver tracking is also a popular option for our NAV-900 product. Reduce the concerns with theft and increase the chances of recovery using Vantage ASC.