Yield Mapping | Smart Harvesting Technology | Vantage E&W


All the hard work has lead to the harvest, let us help you make sure you retain as much of it as possible and complete the cycle of precision farming, capturing as much information as possible to help make informed decisions. All whilst making the long hours and repetitive tasks easier, so you can spend more time with the family.

Machines with guidance increase your efficiency and reduce the chances of missing crop or worst, not keeping the mower or header full in the first place. Using Vantage ASC correction signals makes it possible for machines to reliably achieve 2.5cm pass to pass accuracy, regardless of implement width. Perfect for everybody, not just those on controlled traffic systems.

With a solution for machines old and new, we can be sure to take some stress out of your harvest with steering. Automating the turn of the wheel with a steering motor or keeping the machine at optimum width controlling a guidance ready vehicle, Trimble can significantly reduce the fatigue on the operator, also allows you to concentrate on the important things like obstacles or reel speed.

With all of the effort which has gone into growing a crop, it makes sense to understand with accuracy what has come out of it.  Connecting our digital mapping technology with a yield monitor allows you to assess what has come off the field where, great as a standalone measurement or to reconcile with a weighbridge report. We can offer integration with existing yield monitoring solutions or provide a full retrofit system to certain machine types. Measuring yield and cross referencing with your field profiles can significantly improve insights and help make informed decisions the following year.

Harvesters, trailers, support vehicles and temporary staff all operating at the same time across different locations can make harvest daunting. Installing tracking devices from Vantage ASC can give you a clear, remote view of the operation to understand equipment location and utilisation. Available as a fixed or temporary tracker, understanding vehicle movements including those which are not your own could not be easier.

Often machines will be working alongside each other or completing a block from different ends with the same goal; harvest as much as possible in a short amount of time. Using Trimble displays it is possible for machines to not only share A-B lines, but they can see the coverage logging of each other in real time. Perfect for combine, harvester or sprayer teams working in tandem, but in sync.

Create the list of work in advance and issue to machines wirelessly from the office, life’s never been easier with Trimble Connected Farm. Using cloud based software it is possible to list fields, vehicles and operators to tasks, sending them to vehicles for a simple click and go when in the field. Once complete they auto populate your software confirming work is complete and illustrating progress with inputs, keeping you on top of your paperwork.