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Moving things from A to B is not only expensive, but it can also be hard to keep a handle on during busy periods. We have several products which could be used to help you keep track of your equipment throughout the farm, parish or country.

Vantage ASC are able to install a device on to a piece of equipment which will report on its location, this can be anything from a diesel bowser to a set of pallet tines. Being able to locate the equipment is not only beneficial from a theft perspective, but it can allow operators who are not familiar with the area to locate and collect equipment quickly with less time spent looking.

Whether your fleet is large or small, made up of highway or off-road equipment; we have a way for you to track and locate your vehicles. Visibility of your fleet can allow you to re-route trailers to a specific harvester or locate the best placed service vehicle to attend a breakdown. Having continual visibility of your fleet can lower costs, it can also improve your health and safety.

Allow your operators to record task information including the name and start/stop timings with a Trimble display. It is also possible to monitor the route, speed of operation and apply the associated cost throughout the day with an on board modem and display connection to Farmer Core. With little input from the operator, Trimble can be on top of your task recording for you.

Vantage ASC tracking systems come with the Geo-Fence feature, most associated with asset security and being alerted should there be a theft. In addition to this our devices could be used to automatically count trailer loads into a grain store or record the number of your telehandler enters or exits a building.

Operating across a large area is no longer a burden with our Connected Farm, using in cab technology we can not only connect you to the machine, but we can connect machines to each other. Imagine sending wireless work orders from the office, or machines which send fields between themselves utilising on board internet connections.