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Getting plants in the ground at the right spacing, depth and row width has its challenges, that is why we provide a host of growers with technology to help. Using our products we can automate some functions and assist with others, helping you concentrate on the task in hand.

Integrate into your guidance ready vehicle or retrofit a steering motor, we can steer machines down to speeds of 0.35kph in both forward and reverse with Autopilot Motor Drive. Using Trimble gives you flexibility while maintaining accuracy, swap devices between machines and steer at 2.5cm pass to pass, even retain the same lines year on year with satellite corrections like Trimble RTX.

Establishing plants equally for optimum growth across the field can be challenging on headlands or in field boundaries, not with section control. Using Trimble displays and either ISOBUS or Field IQ ECUs we are able to automatically control a host of planters from maize seed wheels to potato belts. Get the perfect formation regardless of field size with section control solutions.

Whether you are planting broad acre or in a bed type system, reliable accuracy can be essential for getting the most out of your system. Using Vantage ASC correction signals you have access to a range of accuracy from 30cm to 2.5cm using satellite or RTK radio networks. Being able to access repeatable signal anywhere in the UK adds flexibility, never be constrained by providers again.

Making the most of each machine hour or keeping passes to a minimum, combine material application with planting using Trimble and Muller rate control solutions. Available for granular or liquid products this technology can control up to 6 materials with independent prescription maps where necessary. Stay in control and make sure your plants have what they need with rate control technology.

Planting in line with a harvest schedule or monitoring remote teams understanding progress can be difficult from a central location. Using Trimble displays it is possible to automate task recording and remotely monitor machines, see where in the field they are and at what speed. Each visit to the field can be time stamped and available to view individually or as a whole to understand bed availability and planting progress in our cloud based software.