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Soil Testing

Take the guesswork out of land cultivation with soil testing software.

From identifying the optimum conditions to plant seeds to knowing what fertiliser to apply, soil testing technology can help you manage your land based operations with ease.

Farmers and agriculturalists everywhere rely on healthy soil to get the most out of their yield. Ensuring your land can generate optimum quantity and quality, soil testing is not just about increasing produce and potential revenue, it’s also about making your land based operations more manageable.

Vantage Trimble soil testing offers prompt feedback and data which you can easily interpret and utilise. Using alongside other Vantage products you can prioritise and manage tasks accordingly to ensure smooth operations.

Our Soil Testing Products

The best crops start with healthy soil.

Compatible with a range of devices, including smartphones, laptops and tablets, this precision agriculture technology is designed to support the land cultivation community with efficient, accurate results. With more and more cultivators looking to work smarter, not harder, soil testing is just one of the many solutions revolutionising how they work.

Grid Soil Sampling Software

How do you know when or where to sow, water or add nutrients to your soil?

Regular soil sampling is one of the most efficient ways to determine the overall health of the soil on your land. Soil tests can show pH, moisture levels and if there are any nutrient deficiencies.

Grid soil sampling software uses real-time grid maps of your land. It identifies the middle of each grid cell, allowing you to collect strategic soil samples. Sample by grid or create your own zones to easily locate each soil sampling site whilst out on the field. The software also allows you to create and manage your soil sample jobs from any compatible device.

Grid soil sampling software can help you identify the healthiest soil on your land so you know exactly where to sow your seeds and generate a helpful estimate of your yield. Systematic soil sampling will help you collect the data you need to make informed decisions.

GPS Soil Sampling Equipment

GPS soil sampling equipment allows you to create boundaries, mark sample points, measure acreage and calculate distances with accuracy and ease. It’s all part of the package to help you collect georeferenced data the smart way.

At a Glance

  • Make better decisions based on strategic soil sample results
  • Spread your fertiliser costs and resources wisely
  • View your complete soil sampling history to easily compare results
  • Match crop and soil requirements to fertiliser applications
  • Help identify trends to maximise yield and year-on-year performance

Why Vantage?

  • Over 30 years’ experience
  • Provide software training
  • Unrivalled customer support
  • Authorised Trimble distribution partner
  • After-sales support


A soil test can determine the health of your soil. By measuring the pH level and monitoring nutrient levels such as nitrogen and potassium, a soil test can provide the necessary information to help you plan accordingly to optimise next season’s crop.

Whilst it’s recommended that soil is sampled every year to plan and manage your land produce effectively, you are legally required to test your soil at least once every five years.