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Our products can assist with all kinds of sprayer from trailed to self-propelled, even the custom built machines can benefit from some of our features. From steering the machines in a straight line to regulating application rate or spot spraying on weed recognition, we have something to suit every system.

Trimble Weedseeker 2 is a boom mounted sensor which can recognise green on brown material in a 50cm zone and activate a section accordingly. Fully ISOBUS compatible this modular system can be integrated with new equipment or fitted to existing machines standardising the operator functionality for simple operation. With the ability to identify a plant at 25mph and activate a section, it is possible to not only reduce chemical usage by 90% but you can still maintain machine output.

Using Trimble receivers it is possible to supply a GPS position into your existing spray controller which could allow sections to be switched on/ off, depending on sprayer functionality. Alternatively, we are also able to supply displays which can communicate with your units, allowing you to upgrade existing equipment effectively. Failing that Vantage ASC are able to fully retrofit section control for up to 255 individual sections, enough capacity for even the most advanced machines.

When blanket rates are no longer achieving your requirements, Variable Rate Application (VRA) could be a viable alternative. Taking advantage of Trimble Flow and Application technology it is possible to control up to 6 materials simultaneously which could be liquid, granular or seed. Utilising Trimble Precision IQ the user interface allows simple loading and activation of prescription map(s) for the machine to work with. Our Trimble displays can provide inputs for existing controllers or we can retrofit a full solution in line with your requirements.

When more time is spent record keeping that applying product to crop, it is time to address your operation to understand bottlenecks; frequently paperwork. Weather plays a large part in the application of fertilisers and chemicals so it makes sense to simplify the process. Using weather stations from Vantage ASC it is possible to remotely monitor weather at a specific location in real time, or even allow the station to record for you allowing you to assign records to your treatment after the task. Taking the monitoring with you, Trimble ISOBUS weather stations can be installed to the vehicle and seamlessly integrate with your display for specific weather measurements, overlaying them to your machine task as you work. Remove some of the administration and enjoy spraying again.

Imagine a world where the paperwork associated with spraying did not exist, a world where machines did all of the record keeping for you, you only had to approve it. Trimble hardware and software have a seamless integration where all vehicle and implement performance including application rate is captured. Using this and machine connectivity, a task can be wirelessly transferred to the cloud using Farmer Core and arrive on your mobile device for you approval. We know applications do not always go to plan, so you are able to manually update the record to account for issues before saving it into your cloud-based archive. Imagine all that extra time to do things which are important.