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Return of investment on Remote Support

One of the latest additions to Trimble displays is the Teamviewer functionality, lets look at how it works and the in field benefits it can bring. Using the Android system of our display it is possible to activate Teamviewer on your GFX & TMX, once downloaded the latest version not only allows a remote connection to view the display, but you can control it remotely too.

Teamviewer is free to download and requires an internet connection with the display, simple with the GFX range and its built in WIFI, the TMX/ XCN 2050 displays will require a WIFI dongle in order to connect wirelessly. It is possible to supply an internet connection by a hard wired modem also, the Trimble GX450/ RV55 modem will provide internet when used for VRS signal, the Sierra Wireless LX40 can also be hard wire for data transfer. Once connected, simply log into the app which will give you a digital reference, pass this on to the operator or other team member looking to log in and they can instigate access. Simple approval from the operator and you will be sharing your display with a third party, wherever they are in the world.

So what are the benefits to us as a dealer in providing better service?

As a dealer Vantage ASC have taken advantage of this functionality from the beginning as it can not only reduce reaction time to an issue, but it can speed up the diagnosis and resolution in a lot of cases. A great example is a implement control problem with the display, a new operator is piloting the vehicle and is unsure why the sprayer turns itself off too soon on the headland. Traditionally our experts on the technical support line receive a call from the operator who does their best to describe the issue, our team then use their knowledge to guide the menus of existing and historic displays in search of a resolution, often a team effort as they rely on the operator to follow instructions and detail their findings.

Now we have Teamviewer this process has changed, after an initial consult on the telephone our engineers are able to take the Teamviewer code from the operator and log in to see what is happening in real time. Operators are able to continue their driving and explain the machines position while our team are able to see the display and monitor its performance. We are quite often using WhatsApp video calls to bring our engineers into the cab of a machine, not only can they see the display but it is possible to visualise the machines travel building a clear picture of the circumstances. Taking advantage of remote control we can then navigate menus, access machine controls and change settings accordingly in an effort to resolve the problem.

With no travel time associated, we can be in your cab in minutes and virtually alongside you helping to support you and your operation.

Why would Teamviewer benefit the end user?

Beyond a improved response time and diagnosis, there are benefits to Teamviewer for the operators and business managers too. For individual owner operators the access to Teamviewer can significantly improve vehicle uptime, rather than waiting for support engineers to attend there is a improved chance of faults being resolved over the air which means more time fulfilling your contract. In larger businesses we have seen Teamviewer used to connect the internal team with operations managers, vehicle fleets can be spread over large geographic areas and experience can now be shared much quicker for self diagnosis amongst teams before issues are escalated.

Teamviewer is one of many tools we are now providing as part of our support services and adds another level of detail to our engineers who support you. Our own company has saved mileage, fuel and time by utilising this latest feature, how much could you save by becoming connected?


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