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Have you had your combine GPS checked by Vantage ahead of the season?

pre harvest checks

At this time of the year activity in our fields is picking up and with harvest season just around the corner you need to make sure your equipment is ready. Pre-season check of equipment allows peace of mind when getting to the field and ensures your prepared for the season to come.

What to expect from your pre-season checks;

  • Backup of equipment profiles and farm/field data meaning it’s all recoverable should any issues take place or data is lost.
  • Update to latest firmware version(s) for optimum performance improving processing speed and display performance.
  • Receive an itemised inventory of all equipment and serial numbers, useful for insurance purposes and recovery should theft happen.
  • Complete 62-point check on equipment covering;
    • Interior/exterior cabling condition and routing to check no cables are damaged from rodents or wear from previous season.
    • External hardware and connections making sure there is no damage, water ingress or wear.
    • Hardware specification including licenses to ensure required licenses have not expired or are correct specification for machine(s).
    • Steering performance, profiles and calibration for optimum steering performance and accuracy, compensate for wear.
    • Correction signal connectivity and performance checking correction source, frequencies, and license expiry plus, making sure correct signal can be engaged and held.
    • Accessory cabling and performance checking over any remote engage switches, RTK whips etc for cabling and damage.
    • Application control connections (ISOBUS/ Serial Rate/ TUVR) and performance making sure implements are performing as they should be and feeding back to display correctly.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you get your equipment ready for the season ahead.

How many extra miles do you do supporting your team in the field?

How much time is spent explaining which A-B line should be used, to an operator? Save time and energy!

Vantage England & Wales can connect you to your Trimble devices and create a WIFI hotspot in the cab, allowing connectivity and benefits such as;

– WIFI hotspot to connect your devices, perfect for iPads with no sim

– Access web pages such as GateKeeper from the field.

– Download operators manuals to save trips to the yard.

– Remotely access and control your guidance display, you or your Vantage dealer can see and rectify issues without attending site.

– Backup your display data to the cloud, reduce risk of losses.

– Track machine location and travel paths in the field, updating every 60 seconds you can plan your operation or check on progress.

– Bring fields to life as a Google Map will complement the field in the display, letting you or your operator reference location.

Vantage England & Wales can supply a connectivity package to all GFX, TMX and XCN displays. Think how much time you could save this season, get in touch with us today.

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Trimble Establishes Global Vantage Distribution Network

Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today that it is extending its distribution channel by establishing a new global network of independent distribution partners to serve the needs of the rapidly evolving precision agriculture industry. The new Vantage™ distribution network will provide growers, advisors, retailers, co-ops and local OEM dealers with precision agriculture expertise for the entire farm. Vantage partners will provide the complete Trimble precision agriculture portfolio.  As well as advise growers and their advisors on the right combination of technology-based solutions for their operation to improve farm efficiency and productivity.