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Operations supervisor is standing beside a tractor

Operations Supervisor strengthens Vantage ASC and their customer experience!

A business with customer experience at its core, Vantage ASC continue to implement their long-term vision by employing the best people to supply and support the best products. Edward Haarhoff joins the team as Operations Supervisor and shall be based at their 16,000 square feet facility in Cambridgeshire which provides premium brands such as MC Electronics, Trimble Agriculture and Spectrum Technologies to name a few.

Edward joins the team with +30 years of experience from managing a number of large logistical operations where having the right people and parts in the right place at the right time comes as second nature. Having experience of the processes and systems which make +270,000 sq. feet businesses tick will greatly strengthen how Vantage ASC can supply their ever-growing customer base. Scheduling engineers and proactively working with our parts department to improve delivery speeds will be priority of Edward as he joins. “As a business we need to adapt to the continual changes we see in supply chains and the seasonality of customer requirements. Being able to supply technology to almost any machine can be both a blessing and a curse, unlike some businesses our 3000+ end products also become component products for thousands of customised solutions, all of which are to be installed in narrower seasonal windows” says Mark Griffiths, National Sales Manager.

Vantage ASC are building on their long term experience as a supplier into the land-based industry, while employing new expertise into the way they sell, supply and support their customers to deliver one of the best customer experiences in their market place. Successfully supplying end users, equipment dealers and the manufacturers relies on coordination with continual monitoring, operational efficiency will be key to growing our relationships.

Please join us in welcoming Edward to the team and I am sure many of you will speak to him on the phone as we book you in for new installations, transfers or proactive servicing which you can trust.

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