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Trimble Trade Up scheme values equipment at £4,000+

To help users stay up to date with the latest technology Vantage England & Wales are pleased to be able to offer customers good value for any old equipment, damaged equipment or equipment which is just not delivering what you require to remain in front of the curve. When considering a Trimble system you now have the opportunity to trade in these displays, receivers or steering motors against the newest GFX 1060 & GFX 1260 displays/ ISObus terminals. Not only will you be equipping your business with the newest displays, but you will be joining thousands of other businesses who trust Trimble to keep their fleet on the straight and narrow, regardless of brand.

How does it work?

Vantage England and Wales are able to offer up to 6 levels of discount against equipment being traded in against a Trimble solution, these levels and their contents are below:

Level 1£420 saving against a GFX 1060/ 1260 display

Level 2 £840 saving against a GFX 1060/ 1260 display & NAV 900 receiver

Level 3£1260 saving against a GFX 1060 / 1260 display & NAV 900 receiver

Level 4 – £2,520 saving against a GFX 1060 / 1260 display, NAV 900 receiver and Autopilot steering

Level 5 – £3,360 saving against a GFX 1060 / 1260 display, NAV 900 receiver and Autopilot steering

Level 6 – £4,200 saving against a GFX 1060 / 1260 display, NAV 900 receiver and Autopilot steering

You simply call our team and let us know what solution you are looking for, we can complete a configuration which best suits your needs and we then identify what equipment you have to trade in allowing us to apply the discount.

What equipment can be traded in?

There are 95 different systems which qualify for the scheme, various models from the below manufacturers can be used to benefit from these discounts and the equipment does not even need to be in working order. Simply contact us with your make and model, we can confirm the level of discount available and proceed with building your solution.

Benefits of the bundle

We have 3 different bundles available on this scheme, each of them has the Trimble thoroughbred: they are flexible to suit you!

Bundle 1 (Level 1)

This discount is applied to the display itself, both the GFX 1060 & 1260 displays can be used in their own right as you may already have a receiver and only want to update the display. Or, you may only be looking for a ISObus terminal with a EGNOS receiver (NAV 500), our truly modular approach can be built around you.

Bundle 2 (Level 2 & 3)

On this level the discount will be applied to both a GFX display & a NAV 900 receiver which comes complete with CenterPoint RTX Fast correction signal! These create a solid foundation and can be build on to suit your needs, you will have the potential to add steering, implement control and even flow rate recording now or in the future.

Bundle 3 (Level 4, 5 and 6)

The higher levels of discount buy you into one of the best performing steering solutions on the market. You will have a GFX display, NAV 900 receiver and full Autopilot functionality. Not only will you have the newest display and one of the most accurate receivers, but you will also have a steering license to control either a Trimble SAM 200 motor or a guidance ready tractor. Both steering solutions deliver performance to rival machine manufacturers own systems, and you have the flexibility to transfer them between multiple vehicles!

Our guys will build a solution around you and if your trade in does not qualify for the bundle you need, we are able to build these additional products into the quotation so you get a discounted deal.

Who can benefit from this scheme?

There are a wide range of customers, business types and situations which would be able to benefit from such a deal, these could include

  • Businesses with a wide range of existing guidance from different manufacturers, none of it talks to each other and lines/ boundary sharing is near impossible
  • Customers who have proved the concept of autosteer with a entry level system and now you want to get more from this technology
  • End users which bought a system online and realise it does not comply with EU (CE) approval for road use but need to be insured
  • Farms where past GPS equipment has been kept when a new system come on farm, now you have another machine which needs guidance
  • Customers who are looking to detach their machinery brand from their precision farming equipment, establish a truly uniform solution across the whole fleet

The possibilities are endless with Trimble technology and this scheme is designed to assist those most important to us, you the farmer. Get in touch with us and discuss how you could not only benefit from these new systems, but how you could offload some of the old equipment and save money in the process.

Get in touch!



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