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Advisor Prime Subscription

£3,900 ex. VAT

At the top of the software Tree sits Advisor Prime, a true parent application which allows users to encompass other software accounts and monitor or control them from any location. A host of features including those Farmer Core and Farmer Pro, Advisor Prime is the ultimate tool for providing support and assistance to your cliental without the restrictions of geography.  A 12 month subscription to this software.

  • Remote access and functionality with associated accounts
  • Import multiple boundaries and field data from variety of sources
  • Create VRA prescriptions and export shape files
  • Share resources and complete works on behalf of clients
  • Access in-season crop health imagery and weather data by field
  • Integrated soil sampling and crop scouting functionality
Compatible With

Trimble GFX-350 / Trimble GFX-750 / Trimble TMX-2050 / CNH XCN-750 / CNH XCN-1050 / CNH XCN-2050


    Why choose the Trimble Advisor Prime?

    This version of Trimble software is great for larger businesses, advisors or those with multiple sites, allowing users to collaborate while retaining information in a single platform. Advisor Prime has all of the features included in Farmer Core and Farmer Pro, with additional benefits such as soil sampling and enhanced reporting, saving you a lot of processing time.


    • Create works orders for vehicles and standalone operations, digital task recording for easy progress monitoring
    • Access to weather information for your local area, take accurate forecasting into account and associate weather to field events
    • Detailed recording of seed, chemical, fertiliser and harvest materials with field association
    • Create Variable Rate Application (VRA) maps, seamlessly send them to vehicles (using display connection)
    • Utilise field scouting to collate in field information, plant activities and share within the network
    • View crop health imagery for your land, understand with regular updates the current and past performance of working areas

    Machine Guidance & Steering

    • Create fields and boundaries
    • Import field boundaries and A-B lines
    • Manipulate and edit A-B lines details

    Implement Control

    • Record application rates and view coverage maps
    • Assign materials to implements and create tank mixes
    • Create, send and receive prescription maps between the cloud and vehicles
    • Assign tasks to implements with pre set parameters such as date, time and field location

    Autosync Machine Connectivity

    • Send/ receive digital work orders to and from machines, significantly cut down on paperwork
    • Automatic back up of field and task information to the cloud
    • Assign prescription maps to tasks and send to the display(s)
    • Receive completed tasks and associated information on task completion or pause
    • Real time telemetry monitoring of vehicle location and work path
    • WIFI enabled displays can be connected by in-cab modem or a mobile hotspot

    Compatible Displays

    • Trimble GFX-350
    • Trimble GFX-750
    • Trimble TMX-2050
    • CNH XCN-750
    • CNH XCN-1050
    • CNH XCN-2050

    *Precision IQ operating system & display connection is required for AutoSync feature

    A wholistic solution for various steps in the supply chain

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