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ASC Live Powered Asset Tracking System

£215 ex. VAT

A discreet and easy to install tracker for assets or vehicles with an active power source. Slimline in design with simple cabling this device can be customised for installation into many vehicles at a location of the owners choice, reducing any chance of discovery while delivering consistent performance. Reporting into the ASC Live online portal you can monitor your equipment with ease and make informed decisions on the move.

  • 2 year contract with no additional fees
  • Slimline design and customisable for installation
  • Frequent reporting to deliver up to date location
  • Simple online platform with interactive maps
  • Customised reporting and trip information
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    Why choose ASC Live tracking for powered vehicles and assets?

    The most obvious benefit is security, being able to see all of your assets on a single map allows you to not only monitor a vehicles location, but it can help the authorities recover equipment should they go missing. Beyond this, ASC Live can deliver numerous benefits for business operations, full visibility of your vehicles or machine fleet for those in an office or part of the team can help make informed decisions. With its simple installation, the web based platform will display assets, it will also allow you to configure reports on journey times, events and has the ability to geo fence areas. Bring your business to life and increase productivity with our tracking solutions.


    • Frequent reporting of location and ignition status
    • Customisable naming and allocation for easy recognition
    • Time stamping and trip recording features with playback
    • Ring fence feature for notifications when equipment moves in/ out of an area
    • Online portal access available online or through mobile devices
    • Configure specifically for discreet installation

    Suggested Applications

    • Cars, vans, motorbikes, ATVs and HGVs
    • Tractors, self propelled equipment, harvesters, Unimogs
    • Excavators, wheel loading shovels, backhoes, skid steers
    • Generators, lighting towers, hospitality units
    • Irrigation pumps, crushers, screeners
    • Tankers and fuel bowsers

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