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ASC Live Receiver Tracking

£252 ex. VAT

Significantly increase your chances of recovery after theft with ASC Live receiver tracking service. By reconfiguring your device we are able to offer location monitoring for your NAV-900 receiver, all you need to do is notify us on the theft of your device and we shall do the rest.

  • 2 Year service with no additional fees
  • Unique to Vantage ASC
  • Available for new and existing receivers
  • Increased chance of recovery

*Receiver not included

Compatible With

Trimble NAV-900 / CNH NAV-900

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    Why choose ASC Live receiver tracking?

    Every year we see more GPS equipment stolen from farm not only increasing insurance administration, but often resulting in machine down time when it matters the most. Vantage ASC are proactively offering security features to not only deter theft, but to improve the chances of recovery and reduce down time associated with criminal activity. The ASC Live receiver tracking allows you to have a completely hands off service for 2 years, fully supported by the Vantage ASC team should the receiver go missing off farm. Available on both new and existing receivers, let us help you combat rural crime.

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