Dash 66 EZ Steer Bracket Claas / CNH Harvesters - Vantage E & W
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Dash 66 EZ Steer Bracket Claas / CNH Harvesters

£199 ex. VAT

This platform kit contains custom designed bracketry and associated fixings to connect the EZ-Steer motor to the applicable vehicle.

  • Genuine Trimble parts
  • Customised fabrication for vehicle steering column
  • Easy to follow installation instructions
  • Required fixings


    Why choose the EZ-Steer platform kit?

    Selecting an EZ Steer platform kit from Trimble allows you the peace of mind that bracketry and fixings will be appropriate for your vehicle. Made of quality materials these create the foundation of the installation between your steering motor and the vehicles steering column. Each vehicle can vary and occasionally additional customisation or accompany fixings may be required, but for the majority of vehicles this platform kit will have all you need and gives you the flexibility to adapt if necessary.

    Compatible vehicles and models below, for any questions or to check on your specific vehicle, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Combine Harvesters/ Harvesters

    Claas Avero 40 | Claas Avero 160 | Claas Jaguar 830 | Claas Jaguar 840 | Claas Jaguar 850 | Claas Jaguar 860 | Claas Jaguar 870 | Claas Jaguar 880 | Claas Jaguar 930 | Claas Jaguar 940 | Claas Jaguar 950 | Claas Jaguar 960 | Claas Jaguar 970 | Claas Lexion 670 | Claas Tucano 320 | Claas Tucano 330 | Claas Tucano 340 | Claas Tucano 420 | Claas Tucano 430 | Claas Tucano 440 | Claas Tucano 450 | Claas Tucano 450 | Claas Tucano 470 | Claas Tucano 480 | Claas Tucano 570 | New Holland CX5080 | New Holland CX5090 | New Holland CX6080 | New Holland CX6090

    Compatible Steering Motor

    • EZ-Steer Motor

    *Vehicle steering columns and cab layouts are open to change, Vantage England & Wales provides best configuration at time of publishing and cannot accept responsibility for specific installation or vehicle variations.