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Display Connection

£99 ex. VAT

This license allows you to assign your display to the Trimble software for wireless transfer of information between the display in the field and the cloud/ office. Significantly reduce your mileage and administration using a remote connection, receive tasks and send information in minutes. A 12 month subscription to this feature.

  • Automatic back up of field information including tasks and boundaries
  • Send/ receive digital work orders to vehicles and operators
  • Wireless receipt of completed field tasks, application information and time stamp/ durations
  • Record equipment activity, field operations and application information
  • Real time monitoring of vehicle location, working path and utilisation
Compatible With

Trimble GFX-350 / Trimble GFX-750 / Trimble TMX-2050 / CNH XCN-750 / CNH XCN-1050 / CNH XCN-2050

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Additional Details

Why choose a Display Connection?

Having business software is a great step to gaining efficiency and making informed decisions, a display connection only adds to these benefits. Connecting your display to the Trimble software platform eliminates the need for manual data transfer by USB, information comes directly back to the software as the operator goes about their work. For those who wish to have a visual of their land and fleet in a single place, display connections can significantly add a level of detail and reduce the lag between operations being complete and the information returning to the office. Not only does information transmit from the display to the cloud, but the displays are able to send/ receive information between each other in a fleet. Businesses running multiple vehicles or covering large geographic areas can benefit from vehicles sharing fields and guidance lines as they are created, keeping a uniform map and level of information across your whole fleet.


  • Allocate display to a specific vehicle
  • Wireless connection between Trimble software and the in field display, significantly reduce mileage associated with sharing information
  • Visualise land maps and fleet locations in real time on a mobile device or office monitor
  • Automatic backup of display data to the cloud, ideal to reduce risks associated with display theft
  • Improve the speed of information returning to the office, increase frequency of invoicing/ record keeping
  • Leave less recording to chance, integration with vehicle and implements increases accuracy of recording

Compatible Displays

  • Trimble GFX-350
  • Trimble GFX-750
  • Trimble TMX-2050
  • CNH XCN-750
  • CNH XCN-1050
  • CNH XCN-2050

*Precision IQ operating system & display connection is required for AutoSync feature


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Additional information

Additional information


Trimble GFX-350 / GFX-750 / TMX-2050, CNH XCN-750 / XCN-1050 / XCN-2050

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