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Farmer Ag Basic Software

£300 ex. VAT

A software solution which will digitally compliment the physical operations within your business, Trimble Farmer Core will not only connect you to your operation, but it can connect your on farm devices allowing wireless transfer of data between the field, cloud and office. A 12 month subscription to this software.

  • Digitally capture multiple clients, farms and fields
  • Inventory recording for fertilisers, sprays and materials
  • Import/ export field information and associated boundaries/ guidance lines
  • Record equipment activity, field operations and application information
  • Issue & receive digital work orders wirelessly including prescription maps
  • Wirelessly transfer data to and from in-field displays
Compatible With

Trimble GFX-350 / Trimble GFX-750 / Trimble TMX-2050 / CNH XCN-750 / CNH XCN-1050 / CNH XCN-2050

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Additional Details

Why choose the Trimble Farmer Core?

Farmer Core is one of the most cost effective software packages available for integrating your field activity with the office. As a cloud based application it is available on any device which has access to the internet, for those looking to use it frequently on a mobile device there is also a dedicated app available from the app store. Farmer Core aims to create a digital replica of the on-farm activity allowing you to create and structure a network of clients, farms and fields. In association with these you can then create the vehicles, implements, materials and even staff who operate throughout the business, allocating details and costs accordingly. As you upload information to the software each of these areas begins to populate and allocate the relevant information to reflect the on-farm activity. For example, uploading field boundaries and guidance lines from the display will populate a field in Farmer Core and allow you to see and manipulate these. When equipment completes tasks or uses materials during these tasks, they are allocated to the field and all of the information is linked and available for accurate record keeping or analysis. A natural step forward into farm connectivity without breaking the bank.

Autosync machine connectivity

  • Send/ receive digital work orders to and from machines, significantly cut down on paperwork
  • Automatic back up of field and task information to the cloud
  • Assign prescription maps to tasks and send to the display(s)
  • Receive completed tasks and associated information on task completion or pause
  • Real time telemetry monitoring of vehicle location and work path
  • WIFI enabled displays can be connected by in-cab modem or a mobile hotspot

Machine Guidance & Steering

  • Import field boundaries and A-B lines
  • Manipulate and edit A-B lines details

Implement Control

  • Record application rates and view coverage maps
  • Assign materials to implements and create tank mixes
  • Send/ receive prescription maps

Compatible Displays

  • Trimble GFX-350
  • Trimble GFX-750
  • Trimble TMX-2050
  • CNH XCN-750
  • CNH XCN-1050
  • CNH XCN-2050

*Precision IQ operating system & display connection is required for AutoSync feature

Sharing information within your own network of operators & office staff

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