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Krohne Flow Meter

£2,699£3,145 ex. VAT

The Optiflux 2000 from Krohne is designed to meet the demands of multiple waste water application including slurry, sewage and industry water. Accurate measurement on the move and fully ISOBUS compatible for enhanced monitoring and recording using your in cab display(s).

  • Large graphic display with 4 programmable keys
  • Simple installation & start-up
  • Intuitive operation
  • Fully welded construction
  • Full bore pipe with minimal moving parts
  • ISOBUS compatible
Compatible With

Trimble GFX Displays

CNH XCN Displays


    Why choose a Krohne flow meter?

    Applying product accurately without measuring it is increasingly difficult, by adding this flow meter to your system you will be accurately monitoring the flow of product in real time and significantly improving recording capabilities. The flow meter uses electronic pulses to monitor flow which keeps moving parts to a minimum while reducing any flow constraints associated with obstructions. Using the built in display it is possible to see live throughput of product and navigate menus using the durable buttons, enhanced further when connected to a Trimble display using ISOBUS technology. Partnering a Krohne flow meter with Trimble allows you to monitor real time flow rate from the cab and overlay application rates to a map. Benefit from capturing application rate, time and task duration automatically and linking it to customer or client maps without hours of paperwork.


    • Large LCD display with protective casing
    • Simple start up process with intuitive navigation
    • Minimal moving parts
    • ISOBUS compatible for remote monitoring and recording
    • Available in 4″, 5″, 6″ & 8″ diameter

    Implement Control

    • Record real time application rates
    • Split screen functionality on Trimble displays allowing flow monitoring and guidance simultaneously

    Machine Connectivity

    When partnered with a Trimble display it is possible to

    • Monitor and control display remotely using Teamviewer*
    • Wirelessly transfer coverage maps to cloud based software using Farmer Core*
    • Send and receive electronic works orders to machines using Farmer Core*
    • Remote support function for in field support and diagnostics*

    Compatible Displays

    • Trimble GFX 350*
    • Trimble GFX 750*
    • CNH XCN 750*
    • CNH XCN 1050*

    *Additional hardware/ licenses may be required

    Additional information


    4" (10cm), 5" (12.5cm), 6" (15cm), 8" (20cm)

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