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Basic to High Accuracy for 2nd Receiver License

£4,786 ex. VAT

For implements or setups using implement steering, this license will increase the accuracy of the second receiver used on the rear axle, headstock or implement.

Compatible With

Trimble TMX-2050 c/w FMX+ / CNH XCN-2050 c/w FMX+


    Why choose the Basic to High Accuracy License for your second receiver?

    Vehicles and implements taking advantage of the implement steering functions from Trimble can further improve their accuracy by enabling this license, it will allow the second receiver to access correction signals associated with high accuracy. Corrections signals include CenterPoint RTX and RTK, delivering 2.5cm accuracy to your vehicle at the business end and making sure that each element is on the guidance line as it should be, ideal for high value crops and those grown in rows with tight tolerances for mechanical implements.


    • Increases specification of second receiver
    • Allows access to higher accuracy correction signals such as RTK & CenterPoint RTX
    • Improves machine performance and accuracy

    Display Requirements

    • Implement steering/ second receiver enabled
    • FMX+ application
    • Access to high accuracy correction signals

    Compatible Displays

    • Trimble TMX-2060 c/w FMX+
    • CNH XCN-2050 c/w FMX+

    Additional information


    Trimble TMX-2050 c/w FMX+, CNH XCN-2050 c/w FMX+

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