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Variable Rate Application License for CFX

£754 ex. VAT

Upgrade your CFX/FM-750 display allowing it to control the implement sections and application rate, improve your applications accuracy with this license.

Compatible With

Trimble CFX-750 / CNH FM-750


    Why choose the Variable Rate Application License?

    Activating this license will allow the CFX/ FM-750 display to communicate with implements and control their sections or application rate, controlling them appropriately as the machine passes over the ground. Using the correction signals accuracy this feature can automate multiple sections on the move and help make sure product is being applied where it is intended, reducing or even stopping any over application to areas already treated.



    • Section control for automatic on/off based on vehicle position
    • Uniform rate control
    • Simple code entry via Trimble app store on display

    Display Requirements

    • Connectivity with implement/ implement controller
    • Implement functionality to support variable rate application (VRA)

    Compatible Displays

    • Trimble CFX-750
    • CNH FM-750

    Additional information


    Trimble CFX-750, CNH FM-750

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