EZ Pilot Pro License - Vantage E & W
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EZ Pilot Pro License

£659 ex. VAT

This license will allow the NAV-900 receiver to control a SAM-200 motor delivering EZ-Pilot Pro performance, one of the most popular steering configurations on the market.

Compatible With

Trimble NAV-500 / Trimble NAV-900 / CNH NAV-500 / CNH NAV-900


    Why choose the EZ-Pilot Pro License?

    Complimenting the NAV-900 with an EZ-Pilot Pro license allows the receiver to control the SAM-200 motor giving the operator and enhanced steering experience. Customising the SAM-200 to fit almost any vehicle, this license makes it possible to control both tracked and wheeled machines, even ATVs. Bring the SAM-200 motor to life on your machine using EZ-Pilot Pro, a favourite with existing customers.


    • Delivers EZ-Pilot Pro to SAM-200 motor
    • Engage guidance line at 45°
    • Operate steering at speeds down to 1.61kph
    • Steers vehicle in reverse for up to 15 seconds
    • Steering remains engaged for 15 seconds when vehicle is stationary
    • Simple code entry via Trimble app store on display
    • Control of the integrated steering on a guidance ready machine

    Vehicle Requirements

    • SAM-200 Motor installation
    • NAV-500 receivers require additional hardware

    Compatible Receivers

    • Trimble NAV-500
    • Trimble NAV-900
    • CNH NAV-500
    • CNH NAV-900

    Additional information


    Trimble NAV-500 / NAV 900, CNH NAV-500 / NAV-900