Trimble EZ Steer & EZ Pilot License | An EZ Pilot Upgrade
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EZ Steer / EZ Pilot License

£435 ex. VAT

This license increases receiver functionality allowing it to control an EZ Steer motor or deliver EZ Pilot performance on a SAM 200 motor.

Compatible With

Trimble NAV-500 / Trimble NAV-900 / CNH NAV-500 / CNH NAV-900


    Why choose the EZ-Steer / EZ-Pilot License?

    Upgrading your receiver with this license allows you to control both the EZ-Steer and SAM-200 steering motors from Trimble. Once assigned and connected to the motor the receiver will control the motor in line with the guidance pattern(s) on the display, removing the requirement from the operator. For those fleets with more than one type of motor, it is possible to move the receiver around vehicles and share this performance across the fleet.


    • Controls the EZ-Steer motor
    • Controls the SAM-200 motor with EZ-Pilot performance
    • Administered using a QR code on a Trimble display using front facing camera
    • Simple code entry via Trimble app store on display

    Steering Requirements

    • EZ-Steer Motor
    • SAM-200 Motor

    Compatible Receivers

    • Trimble NAV-500
    • Trimble NAV-900
    • Trimble TMX-2050
    • CNH NAV-500
    • CNH NAV-900
    • CNH XCN-2050

    Additional information


    NAV-500, NAV-900