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FMX+ App License

£1,303 ex. VAT

Increase your TMX/XCN display functionality with the FMX+ application, delivering familiarity for those used to the FMX display layout along with a host of more advanced features.

Compatible With

Trimble TMX-2050 / CNH XCN-2050


    Why choose the FMX+ App License?

    Operators familiar with the older FMX display appreciate this license as it allows the same navigation to be carried over from the FMX, bringing familiarity to field operations on a newer, faster display. For those and other the FMX+ applications brings some of Trimble’s most advanced features to the display, making it even more powerful across the machine fleet, opening up opportunities in additional applications whilst maintaining familiar operation and hardware. Find out more about the advanced features below and discover how the FMX+ application could open up even more potential for your business.


    • Utilise the same layout and functionality of the older FMX display on the TMX-2050/ XCN-2050 display
    • Advanced features include;
      • Remote Output: Enable a pulse to be triggered at a set distance/ time along a guidance line, activating a visual/ audible or machine automated action. Perfect for tree planting.
      • True Tracker: Active implement steering for the control of side shift headstocks or steering axles, keeping them on the same guidance line as the vehicle.
      • True Guide: Passive implement steering, proactively moving the implement power unit off the guidance line to maintain the implements position.
      • Yield Mapping: Deliver yield measurements into the display for accurate recording against GPS position, ideal for combines or self propelled harvesters.
      • Vehicle Sync: Allow two machines in a field to share progress in real time on their displays, live coverage recording between operators in the same locality.
    • Administered using a QR code on a Trimble display using front facing camera

    Display Requirements

    • Some advanced features will require additional hardware & licenses

    Compatible Displays

    • Trimble TMX-2050
    • CNH XCN-2050

    Additional information


    Trimble TMX-2050, CNH XCN-2050

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