FMX Vehicle Sync License - Vantage E & W
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FMX Vehicle Sync License

£705 ex. VAT

A license which allows the TMX/ FMX display to share data in real time with other display(s) in the network, making guidance lines and coverage logging available to others in real time.

Compatible With

Trimble FMX / Trimble TMX-2050 / CNH XCN-2050


    Why choose the Vehicle Sync License?

    Vehicle Sync is a feature which allows multiple FMX displays or displays with the FMX+ operating system to communicate with each other in the same locality, potential for up to 6 individual vehicles sharing live coverage maps and information in real time. Vehicles operating in a range of 300 metres or within direct line of sight can understand other machines location and progress, reduce the amount of time operators spend locating areas which have/ have not had material applied. Having information in real time makes field operations easier to monitor and opens up potential for them to be approached from different angles, all while maintaining the same quality of work across the field.


    • Real time sharing of coverage and machine location
    • Allows up to 6 machines to communicate in a network
    • Operating range of 300m or direct line of sight
    • Integration with Field IQ application control & Trimble yield monitoring
    • Simple code entry via Trimble app store on display

    Display Requirements

    • FMX Operating system
    • Additional WIFI modem for data transfer

    Compatible Displays

    • Trimble FMX
    • Trimble TMX-2050 c/w FMX+
    • CNH XCN-2050 c/w FMX+

    Additional information


    FMX Display, Trimble TMX-2050 / CNH XCN-2050 c/w FMX+

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