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ISOBUS Task Controller License

£816 ex. VAT

This license converts the Trimble display into a full ISOBUS terminal, showing implement controls and performance as it would appear on the manufacturers own controllers. Benefit from full functionality and task recording information all through a single display.

Compatible With

Trimble GFX-350 / Trimble GFX-750 / CNH XCN- 750  / CNH XCN-1050

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Additional Details

Why choose the ISOBUS Task Controller License?

Activating the ISOBUS Task Controller (TC) license really brings implement control to life, not only displaying the manufacturers ISOBUS screen but this license allows you to control it as you would on their own controllers. Using the Trimble display for implement connectivity alongside guidance enhances all task information, relaying exact application data or section monitoring as the implement sees it. Those with a GFX display can enhance or even remove additional controllers from the cab and make full use of the Trimble display, saving additional investment.


  • Upgrades display to be a fully functional ISOBUS terminal
  • Brings implement information and performance to Trimble display
  • Allows control of implement functions
  • Captures implement data such as rate, section performance
  • Administered using a QR code on a Trimble display using front facing camera
  • Simple code entry via Trimble app store on display

Display Requirements

  • ISOBUS Universal Terminal (UT) License
  • Cable connection between vehicle/ implement and display
  • Implement to be ISOBUS compatible
  • This license only controls single products, for multi product control ISOBUS Multi-Product Control License will also be required

Compatible Displays

  • Trimble GFX-350
  • Trimble GFX-750
  • Trimble TMX-2050
  • CNH XCN-750
  • CNH XCN-1050
  • Trimble XCN-2050
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Additional information

Additional information


Trimble GFX350 / GFX-750 / TMX-2050, CNH XCN-750 / XCN-1050 / XCN-2050

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