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Prescriptions License

£582 ex. VAT

This license will allow your display to control implement application activity based on a prescription loaded into the display. Load your seed/ fertiliser rates from the agronomist into the display and let the Trimble control seed rate based on the prescription map automatically as you travel across the ground.

Compatible With

Trimble GFX-350 / Trimble GFX-750 / Trimble TMX-2050 / CNH XCN- 750  / CNH XCN-1050 / CNH XCN-2050

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Additional Details

Why choose the Prescriptions License?

Loading a prescriptions license on to your Trimble display will increase the impact of your decision making, automating the equipment performance regardless of operator or field conditions. Compatible with most file types, prescriptions can be loaded on to Trimble displays by USB stick or even transferred wirelessly over the air, simply selected from the relevant folder on the display. It is possible to control up to 255 sections and 6 products (display dependent) with Trimble technology, even apply a zero rate to an exclusion zone or trial plot. Bring significant savings and focus to your applications using Trimble prescription application.

  • Upgrades display allowing implement control based on pre-loaded prescription maps
  • Displays prescription map layer and coverage layer in a single display
  • Allows multiple prescriptions to be applied at the same time (implement/ display dependent)
  • Ability to spray on/ off based on exclusion zones
  • Simple loading of prescriptions using USB or wireless transfer
  • Captures implement data such as rate, section performance
  • Administered using a QR code on a Trimble display using front facing camera
  • Simple code entry via Trimble app store on display

Display Requirements

  • Implement connectivity and relevant control license
  • Cable connection between vehicle/ implement and display
  • Compliant implement with prescription functionality
  • Compatible prescription map or file type

Compatible Displays

  • Trimble GFX-350
  • Trimble GFX-750
  • Trimble TMX-2050
  • CNH XCN-750
  • CNH XCN-1050
  • CNH XCN-2050
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Additional information

Additional information


Trimble GFX350 / GFX-750 / TMX-2050, CNH XCN-750 / XCN-1050 / XCN-2050

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