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Roll Corrected Manual Guidance and NMEA License

£321 ex. VAT

This license will enhance the capability of your receiver by compensating for the roll experienced by a vehicle, common with machines operating on undulating or steep ground.

Compatible With

Trimble NAV-500 / Trimble NAV-900 / CNH NAV-500 / CNH NAV-900


    Why choose the license for Roll Corrected Manual Guidance & NMEA?

    Traditionally the receiver will transmit a position based on its location which is frequently the roof of the vehicle, by applying this license to your receiver will allow it to take into account the roll from the vehicle and compensate the GPS location as a result, making it much more accurate to the vehicles position on the ground. For vehicle/ implement combinations sharing the receivers position to make application changes or section control this license can increase the accuracy of the operation further.

    NOTE: Not required on displays/ receivers with vehicle steering functionality, already including with steering licenses


    • Allows receiver to compensate for vehicle roll
    • Increases accuracy of GPS position and output
    • Administered using a QR code on a Trimble display using front facing camera
    • Simple code entry via Trimble app store on display

    Receiver Requirements

    • Additional cabling required to communicate with implement/ implement controller

    Compatible Receivers

    • Trimble NAV-500
    • Trimble NAV-900
    • CNH NAV-500
    • CNH NAV-900

    Additional information


    Trimble NAV-500 / NAV-900, CNH NAV-500 / NAV-900