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Millennium 5 Onboard Weighing System

£2,999 ex. VAT

A true retrofit system which includes a robust in-cab head unit and easy to use operator navigation, equipment sensors and all associated cables for a discreet installation on to your existing loading equipment.

  • Large 10cm high-definition colour display
  • Durable and robust 14cm x 20cm head unit with heavy duty keypad
  • Dynamic weighing ability throughout loading cycle
  • Multiple weighing modes: incremental / target vehicle / recipe/ration
  • Compatible with digital printer for load/ job receipts
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • Professional installation reccomended

Suitable for: ADTs / Dump Trucks / Forklift Trucks / Telehandler / Tractor Front End Loaders / Wheel Loading Shovels


    Why choose the Millennium 5 weighing system?

    You cannot manage what you cannot measure. The Millennium 5 solution will not only help to measure what is moved using hydraulic sensors, but it will make you more efficient in the process with on the go record keeping an accuracy of +/- 0.5%.

    As a true retrofit solution this unit can be installed into a wide range of equipment on farm, from front end loaders to wheel loading shovels and all in between. Using a robust hydraulic calibration and customisable attachment profiles, the dynamic weighing function will weigh on the move causing minimal disruption to the existing operation.

    Multiple weigh functions including recipe/ ration allow users to customise their Millennium 5 to their business needs, partnered with the flexibility to input customer/ haulier and job details from the cab makes data recording much simpler for all involved. Bring the movement of bulk materials to life by utilising one of the most accurate weighing systems on the market.


    • Dynamic weighing functionality allows live weighing of loads through loading envelope
    • Accuracy of +/- 0.5% for stockpiling, stacking or trailer and implement loading operations
    • Store up to 5 attachment profiles out of the box e.g. Bale Grab / Forks / Bucket / Auger Bucket / Muck Grab
    • Record customer / haulier or job details to accurately monitor work completed
    • Clear LCD display and menu layout for simple operation in the toughest environments day & night
    • Designed for operation in land-based businesses, relevant naming and material profiles
    • 3 Year manufacturer warranty

    Livestock businesses

    • Measure incoming purchases such as hay or straw as you unload trucks and trailers
    • Use the ration functionality to measure inputs to a livestock ration across your feeder fleet
    • Accurately record the amount muck or slurry being loaded out of sheds and hauled to fields
    • Load muckspreaders accurately, monitor weight of material per acre or hectare and adjust at the heap
    • Simple continual recording of work completed with itemised jobs to reduce paperwork

    Contracting businesses

    • More cost effective than weighing solutions on multiple implements, reduce investment by appointing a single weight recording unit which can cope with multiple implements
    • Simple customer and job allocation, continual weight recording assigned to your records helping you keep track with minimal input
    • Dynamic weighing does not slow a load cycle, continual measurement on the move allows operator output to be maintained
    • Store up to 5 attachment profiles making selection easy and weight recording accurate regardless of operator skillset

    Anaerobic digesters

    • Suitable for wide range of vehicles from wheel loaders to telehandlers, install weight monitoring on vehicles throughout each stage of the production process
    • Recipe/ ration functionality allows you to weigh each element of a mix and feed the correct product into the feeding system
    • Easy to remove and transfer, take your weigh loader system with you when renewing the vehicle fleet, retaining your records and attachment profiles
    • Wirelessly send load cycle data including weight, batch and more to the office for continual monitoring of processing facility and stock quantities


    • Cost effective installation to a purchased or leased vehicle with minimal intrusion retaining manufacturer warranty
    • Continual monitoring of work completed and load cycles, easy to download at the end of a shift and manipulate in MS Excel streamlining you stock management
    • Compatible with an in-cab printer, issue job receipts to yard staff or customers for reconciling with the office/ administration departments
    • Remotely monitor workloads, stock piles and levels of productivity based on loaders across multiple sites

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