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NAV-900 Quick Release Bracket AGCO

£186 ex. VAT

A Trimble quick release bracket delivers a secure receiver installation with the added benefit of simple removal when required, either to store for security or move between vehicles.

  • Improved security and convenience
  • Designed around the Trimble NAV 900 receiver
  • Clip on/off mechanism with lynch pin for security
  • Customised brackets for certain vehicles
  • Powder coated finish for quality and longevity
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Additional Details

Why choose the Quick Release bracket?

With an increase in GPS theft protecting your investment is as important as the investment itself, Vantage ASC recommend the installation of a quick release bracket to simple removal of the NAV 900 receiver when the vehicle is not in use or left un-attended. This bracket is installed to the vehicle in the desired position and remains there as a platform, operators then utilise the NAV 900 base plate as a “clunk & clip” method of installing or removing the receiver when required. Using the lynch pin mechanism makes the process quick reducing the amount of time operators are working at height and making them more inclined to remove the equipment.

Compatible Receivers & Vehicles

  • Trimble NAV 900
  • CNH NAV 900
  • AGCO vehicles with top dock mount
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