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Trimble NAV III Controller

The Trimble® NAV III controller is a key element in providing Trimble Autopilot steering to your machine, allowing compatible displays to control steering valves with precision. Available to suit multiple vehicle types and configurations including Trimble retrofit hydraulic valves.

  • Built in sensors to correct vehicle roll, pitch and yaw
  • Robust and durable casing
  • Available in various options to suit machines
  • Proven in UK Agriculture for multiple years
Compatible With

Trimble CFX-750 / Trimble FMX / Trimble NAV-900 / Trimble TMX-2050 / CNH FM-750 / CNH NAV-900 / CNH XCN-2050

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


    Why choose a NAV III Controller?

    When installing Trimble Autopilot to your machine(s) with the compatible displays, the NAV III controller is one of the key elements in providing accurate machine information to control the steering valve amongst other elements. Superseding the NAV II controller, the NAV III has built in gyroscopes to compensate for vehicle roll, pitch and yaw across undulating ground. The controller also supplies multiple data inputs/ outputs which can be used for third party controllers or additional operations accordingly. Available with a wide range of brackets and cabling choices, the controller can be specified for a wide range of vehicle types and be compatible with the surroundings for a successful installation. Also used for implement steering, external NAV III enclosures are available for the controller when use in an outdoor environment.



    • Tried, tested & proven in UK Agriculture
    • Built in gyroscopes for vehicle roll, pitch and yaw compensation
    • Configurable for a wide range of vehicles with customised cabling and bracketry available
    • Suitable for vehicle and implement steering functions
    • Robust and durable design
    • Communicates with wide range of displays

    Machine Guidance & Steering

    • Trimble Autopilot on guidance ready machines
    • Hydraulic Autopilot using Trimble H3 or H4 steering valve
    • TrueTracker implement steering using Trimble hydraulic valve

    Note: The NAV III is also available with CNH software enabled which is a different configuration. Check out our services page to understand how we can service and reconfigure your CNH NAV III controller.

    Machine Connectivity

    • Compatible hydraulic valve will be required
    • Additional cabling/ hardware may be required for certain machine types
    • Requires a NAV-900 and Trimble display

    Compatible Displays & Receivers

    • Trimble CFX-750
    • Trimble FMX
    • Trimble NAV-900
    • Trimble TMX-2050
    • CNH FM-750
    • CNH NAV-900
    • CNH XCN-2050

    Additional information

    Hardware/ Vehicle

    NAV III Only, NAV III c/w cabling for NAV-900, NAV III c/w cabling for NAV-900 on CNH Guidance ready vehicle, NAV III for CFX/FM-750 / FMX / TMX/XCN-2050, NAV III for CFX/FM-750 / FMX / TMX/XCN-2050 on CNH Guidance ready vehicle

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