SmartWater Forensic Marking Kit - Vantage E & W
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SmartWater Forensic Marking Kit

£73 ex. VAT

Deter thieves and improve your proof of ownership using this SmartWater forensic marking kit. Simple to apply and register equipment, this security pack can not only deter thieves with the visible decals, but it allows access to the SmartWater security services and laboratories should you need to prove proof of ownership in court.

  • Recognised brand in the criminal community
  • 9 decals for displaying on equipment/ premises
  • 100ml of unique forensic marking liquid
  • Access to SmartWater database for registration
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    SmartWater is the leading brand in security systems and well recognised within the criminal community. This pack contains decals which make it clear to potential thieves the items are marked and there is SmartWater on your premises. Applying the liquid to your assets and registering the serial numbers will ensure that when recovered, there is no doubt to the ownership your items and you will have full access to the services provided by SmartWater to prove it. Vantage ASC also register your items on an internal database which allows us to notify the global dealer network if your items have been activated/ registered elsewhere. Significantly improve the security of your technology by employing SmartWater.

    GPS technology theft continues to increase year on year in the UK! Make a stand and help us help you keep equipment on farm for longer
    • Smartwater Foresnsic Marking Pack
    • Quick release brackets for receivers
    • Modems & software for cloud based data backup
    • GPS receiver tracking
    • Global database of stolen assets
    • Proactive partnership with local authorities

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