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Trimble EZ-Steer motor

£1,537£2,340 ex. VAT

This steering motor can be installed to the existing steering wheel, friction based with a foam roller and a spring loaded mechanism allowing it to be engaged or locked away from the steering wheel with ease.

  • Quick to engage / dis-engage
  • Simple and effective foam roller system
  • Compliment over 1,400 vehicles with customised platform kits
  • Easy to install, remove and transfer
Compatible With

Trimble / CNH EZ-Guide 250

Trimble CFX-750 / CNH FM-750

Trimble / CNH NAV 500

Trimble/ CNH NAV 900


    Why choose a EZ-Steer Motor?

    The EZ-Steer motor is one of the most well know motors on the market and makes a natural next step into the world of assisted steering or machine guidance. A simple installation to the steering column will mount the motor alongside the existing steering wheel, a built in bracket then allows you to engage the foam roller or lock it out of work when steering is not required. The motor comes complete with a T2 Module which allows it to compensate for undulating ground conditions and vehicle movement, making sure your steering is in line with the ground conditions in front of you. Tried and tested in UK Agriculture, this motor has reduced operator fatigue across the country and allows man and machine to continue work for longer, day or night  without jeopardising quality.



    • Guidance line recognition at 6 metres
    • Engage guidance line at 15°
    • Steer at speeds from 4.8 – 24kph
    • Simple spring loaded design for quick engage and dis-engage
    • Easy to install with customised calibration and setup for vehicle type(s)
    • Complete with terrain compensation module (T2 Module) for increased performance
    • Durable and robust housing with serviceable parts
    • Compatible with wide range of vehicle types including ATVs, Combines, Sprayers, Tracked vehicles

    Compatible Displays & Receivers

    • Trimble/ CNH: EZ-Guide 250 c/w AG-15 receiver
    • Trimble CFX-750 / CNH FM-750
    • Trimble/ CNH: NAV-500
    • Trimble/ CNH: NAV-900

    *Steering motor performance is based on display & receiver specification

    Additional information


    Trimble/ CNH: EZ-Guide 250, Trimble/ CNH: CFX-750 / FM-750 / NAV-500 / NAV-900 / TMX-2050 / XCN-2050, Motor Only, T2 Module Only