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Trimble GFX-1260 Display

£3,568 ex. VAT

The NEW Trimble® GFX-1260™ display system brings you the ultimate user experience with durable design and fast performance

  • 30.5cm / 12.1″ wide LCD touchscreen
  • 32GB of on board storage
  • IP66 Rated for dust and water protection
  • Built in Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity
  • 2 x USB ports for device connections
  • 1 x front facing camera & support for 2 x external cameras
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Additional Details

Why choose the GFX-1260?

The Trimble GFX-1260 display is the newest member of the GFX family, it brings a high definition display with enough capacity to control the most complex of implements and steering. Completely modular, this display can be used with the NAV 500 & NAV 900 receivers allowing you access to every accuracy from sub metre to 1cm.

Utilising the Trimble Precision IQ operating system makes this display is easy to use for operators, it also allows owners to configure the system to suit their needs with a wide array of feature licenses. Compatible with over 10,000 vehicle models across 40 equipment brands makes Trimble your perfect partner now, and in the future.


  • Simple to use Android operating system on vibrant 12″ LCD touchscreen
  • Create and save multiple guidance line patterns, field boundaries and features
  • Control implements using ISOBUS, Field-IQ or Serial Rate/ TUVR control for section and rate control
  • Auto sort fields on distance, making the closest always at the top of the list
  • Split screen function allows you to view guidance, implement controls and their activity at the same time
  • Modular design for cleaner installation and simple removal, quicker to transfer between machines
  • 2 Year manufacturers warranty

Machine guidance & Steering

  • Manual guidance using Precision IQ
  • Assisted steering using a EZ Steer or SAM 200 motor
  • Integrated steering on a guidance ready machine
  • Full retrofit hydraulic valve for aftermarket steering solution

Machine Connectivity

    • Built in WIFI for internet connectivity using modem or hotspot
    • Real time coverage logging based on machine or implement activity
    • Automated time stamps and task activity logging
    • Remote support function for in field support and diagnostics

Implement Control

  • Section control for up to 255 individual sections
  • Rate control for up to 6 individual products
  • Prescription application control for up to 6 individual products
  • ISOBUS / Field IQ / Serial Rate / TUVR protocol compatible

Compatible Receivers & Accuracy

  • NAV 500
    • EGNOSS (<30cm Accuracy)
  • NAV 900
    • EGNOSS (<30cm Accuracy)
    • RangePoint RTX (<15cm Accuracy)
    • CenterPoint RTX (2.5cm Accuracy)
    • CenterPoint RTX Fast (2.5cm Accuracy)
  • RV55 Modem
    • VRS (<2.5cm Accuracy)
  • RTK Radio Kit
    • RTK Network (<2.5cm Accuracy)
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