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Trimble ISOBUS Weather Station

£2,675 ex. VAT

Add an extra layer of detail to your operation with this ISOBUS weather station from Trimble, designed to be mounted to your vehicle and connect to you ISOBUS display. Continual monitoring of weather including wind speed, this addition can significantly reduce administration time and digitalise your weather recording by overlaying it to your application map.

  • Measures wide range of values including Wind speed, Temperature, Dew-point & Drift
  • Applies weather data as an individual layer in real time
  • Compatible with any ISOBUS terminal including integrated displays
  • Minimal moving parts with rugged enclosure
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Additional Details

Why choose a ISOBUS weather station?

As the requirement of information recording increases with the pressure of performing applications under the right conditions, this weather station can be a significant tool in helping you meet the requirements while reducing the paperwork burden on operators. The weather station displays on ISOBUS terminals and can be configured to generate audible and visual alarms for up to 8 parameters, reducing chances of work being done under the incorrect conditions. Monitoring a host of measurements, it is able to suggest droplet size on Delta T conditions and compensate for vehicle movement when calculating drift and wind speed. Collecting data at your set intervals, these are overlaid to the task data in the display and are therefore available for analysis after the job is complete, enriching your proof of placement reports.

Points of measurement

  • Speed & direction of true wind
  • Speed & direction of apparent wind
  • Gust speed
  • Temperature
  • Relative air humidity
  • Air Pressure
  • Vehicle roll / Pitch
  • Driving speed
  • Delta T
  • Dew-Point
  • Drift
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