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Trimble TMX-2050 Display

£4,824 ex. VAT

The Trimble® TMX-2050™ display system continues a strong tradition of sleek, easy-to-use displays from Trimble Agriculture with the FMX+ operating system for enhanced features.

  • 30.7cm / 12.1″ wide LCD touchscreen
  • 2.5kg in weight with moulded plastic enclosure
  • IP55 Rated for dust protection
  • Internet connectivity (dongle/ cabling required)
  • 2 x USB ports for device connection
  • 1 x front facing camera & support for 2 x external cameras
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Additional Details

Why choose the TMX-2050?

The Trimble TMX-2050 is a large 12″ display  and is available with the FMX+ operating system, familiar to users with FM1000 displays. A common choice for vehicles requiring a permanent technology solution , the TMX-2050 comes complete with its own AG-25 receiver and TM200 which deliver reliable performance in a variety of environments. Its large touchscreen brings information and controls to life for the vehicle operators, allowing them to see everything from guidance lines to individual section control with ease. Utilising the FMX+ operating system to deliver even more features like yield mapping, remote output, vehicle sync and implement steering. For everything you need and more, consider adding the TMX-2050 to your operation.


  • Simple to use Android operating system on vibrant LCD touchscreen
  • Create a Client, Farm and Field structure for accurate record keeping
  • Remote output functionality for triggering operations based on distance or time
  • Vehicle sync ability which shares live coverage recording across the machines in the same area
  • Implement steering for both trailed and mounted implements increasing accuracy
  • FMX+ operating system

Machine guidance & Steering

  • Manual guidance
  • Assisted steering using a EZ Steer or SAM 200 motor
  • Integrated steering on a guidance ready machine
  • Full retrofit hydraulic valve for aftermarket steering solution

Implement Control

  • Section control for up to 255 individual sections
  • Rate control for up to 6 individual products
  • Prescription application control for up to 6 individual products
  • ISOBUS / Field IQ / Serial Rate / TUVR protocol compatible
  • FMX+ Operating system
    • Active (True Tracker) and passive (True Guide) implement steering
    • Remote output for visual/ audible or automated implement trigger(s)

Machine Connectivity

  • Internet functionality using modem or WIFI dongle
  • Coverage logging based on machine or implement activity
  • Automated time stamps and task activity logging
  • Remote support function for in field support and diagnostics
  • FMX + Operating system
    • Yield mapping functionality for harvesters
    • Vehicle Sync allowing real time data sharing between vehicles e.g. coverage logging, location, guidance lines

Compatible Receivers & Accuracy

  •  AG-25
    • EGNOSS (<30cm Accuracy)
    • RangePoint RTX (<15cm Accuracy)
    • CenterPoint RTX (2.5cm Accuracy)
    • CenterPoint RTX Fast (2.5cm Accuracy)
  • RV55 Modem
    • VRS (<2.5cm Accuracy)
  • RTK Radio Kit
    • RTK Network (<2.5cm Accuracy)
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Additional information

Additional information

Operating System

Precision IQ, FMX+