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Vantage Health Check

£75£99 ex. VAT

Let us give your systems the TLC they need to maintain peak performance before, during or after your working season. Our Vantage Health Check is completed at a location of your choice by our experienced team, included in this is;

  • A 75 point system inspection
  • Full vehicle roll calibration
  • Backup of all display data
  • Display optimisation

Available for all Trimble aftermarket of CNH supplied Trimble systems.

    How to order

    Single system: simply select “system 1” in the drop down and add to basket, checkout and include your details

    Multiple systems: simply select “system 1” in the drop down and add to basket. Then select “additional systems” in the drop down, add to basket. Update with the quantity of systems in your basket.

    One of our team shall be in touch to confirm system and location details.

    What’s included

    75 Point system check

    Using our customised check list we will look over the whole system in your vehicle, this includes

    • Visually check hardware and associated cabling for wear or damage
    • Check of any auxiliary equipment such as steering valves, RTK radios or harnessing
    • Run up the system and confirm firmware versions and licensing validation
    • Record all measurements, vehicle credentials and system serial numbers

    On completion we will provide you with a comprehensive list of any advisory items or issues with your system if there are any, we will also record the information in our system so you can be comfortable we know your equipment if you ever need support in the future, physically or remotely.

    Full vehicle roll calibration

    When on site we will complete a physical roll calibration of your vehicle to make sure your line acquisition and cross track errors are on point. Once completed we will store all of your vehicle settings allowing all operators to benefit from peak performance.

    Backup of display data

    There can be a lot of information in your displays, imagine all of your fields, their A-B lines, boundaries and task information continuously being refreshed in the background as you move across the fields. Our engineers will download all of this data for you and back it up to our secure cloud storage, presenting it back to you in a presentable format for your reference.

    Display Optimisation

    With your approval we will go through your display and optimise its performance, included in this will be;

    • Removal of all unnecessary data and task information
    • Activation of performance improving applications
    • Installation of Teamviewer for remote support
    • Updating of any applications to the latest version

    Terms & Conditions

    This package is available for all Trimble and CNH Trimble displays which include;

    • EZ Guide 250
    • CFX 750 / FM 750
    • GFX 350 / XCN 750
    • GFX 750 / XCN 1050
    • FMX / FM1000
    • TMX 2050 / XCN 2050

    If you have a system not included in the above list, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

    • Only available to customers in England and Wales
    • Equipment to be made available to attending engineers with time to complete checks
    • Multiple systems to be in one place, multiple locations may incur additional cost
    • Not available for OEM integrated systems including Intellisteer / Varioguide
    • Additional works not included in this package, rectification or upgrades outside the checks will be an additional charge but can be completed when on site at engineers discretion
    • Vantage ASC reserves the right to change or discontinue this promotion at any time without notice

    Additional information

    Number of systems

    System 1, Additional Systems