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Watchdog 3220 Wireless Rain Station

£1,530 ex. VAT

Perfect addition for those starting a weather monitoring journey, this weather stations integrated sensors remotely transmit temperature, humidity and rain fall information. Manage in field activities on the move and with confidence.

  • Measure Air Temperature from -40° to 125°C
  • Air Humidity measurement accurate to +/- 2°C
  • Measure rainfall +/- 2% at 5cm/hr with self emptying gauge
  • Customisable alerts and warnings around set parameters
  • Store 18 months data at 15 minute intervals internally
  • 1 x External port for additional sensor
  • IP66 rated enclosure c/w weatherproof connectors
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Additional Details

Why choose a WatchDog 3220 Weather Station?

The fully integrated WatchDog 3220 Wireless Rain Station measures rainfall, temperature, and humidity, recording and communicating the data to the cloud using its internal modem or radio. Avoid soil compaction and use the remote rain gauge data to manage field activity more effectively.


  • Integrated Solar Power system for standalone power
  • Integrated Modem/Radio for reliable communications
  • Holds over 18 months of data at a 15-minute recording interval. Data can be transferred to a USB flash drive
  • Easy to install – be running in minutes and mounts to a 1.25 inch mast
  • Bluetooth connectivity to your Apple or Android smartphone running the free WatchDog Mobile App speeds setup and displays current conditions
  • Sends data to the SpecConnect Cloud Solution – View current conditions or historical data using a broad selection of analytical reports from anywhere in the world
  • Receive the latest changes with over-the-air updates (also available via a USB flash drive)
  • The durable enclosure provides moisture, corrosion, and UV protection for increased reliability in harsh environments


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