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Some of the most observed spaces in the country demand attention to detail and a sense of pride to maintain them accordingly. Taking advantage of our technology can not only help achieve the same outcome every operation, but it could reduce the administration, time and material used in the process. See how we could improve your operations.

With sites spread over multiple postcodes, towns or even counties it is increasingly difficult to allocate the correct resources at the right time, ASC Live can bring your locations to life. Additionally using Trimble display connections it is possible to seamlessly link multiple vehicles to a cloud based portal for visual location updates every 60 seconds. Operation managers can wirelessly receive tasks when completed and approve or make notes, even send instruction to field operatives and set parameters for them to work to using cloud based software. Connect your fleet and your colleagues to deliver operational efficiency, whatever your fleet.

Whether it be a roadside embankment or a football pitch, the amount of time it takes to complete the operation can be improved by utilising a steering motor or guidance display. Trimble can steer most vehicles allowing you to take advantage of accuracy from sub 40cm to 2.5cm pass to pass, make sure that each pass with the mower counts and time is not wasted. Operator output and presentation can be increased by implementing steering solutions into your fleet.

Using Trimble displays and receivers it is possible to automatically record task information as machines complete their works. Operators select or create tasks which then time stamp as they start, pause or are completed. In addition, it is possible to record the area which has been worked or the material which has been applied if using implements. Task recording not only allows you to see what has been done, but it is recording how it has been done which can be used to support risk assessments or prove SOPs have been adhered to.

Often using multiple vehicles, sites and tools, it can be easy to loose track of assets or have them stolen with no chance of recovery. Using ASC Live it is possible to monitor and locate both powered and non-powered assets, wherever they may be. Our range of telemetry products can be tailored to your business and allow remote monitoring by multiple people in your business. Never loose a piece of equipment again with ASC Live.

Maintaining areas can be time consuming, often in irregular shapes or scattered throughout an area between obstacles. By utilising section control on your machines it is possible to automate the on/ off or engage/ disengage functions of your equipment, so they are not working on or around areas which they shouldn’t be. For example, if applying a chemical to an area surrounding water, it is possible to automate the turn off of the sprayer as they come within a pre set parameter of the water. Let technology take the strain from the operator and reduce the risk for errors, also improve record keeping.

Controlling weeds in pedestrianised areas could be made easier with Trimble Weedseeker 2, simply drive down the pavement and let the machine open/ close the required nozzle when it sees a plant. Unlike conventional spraying, Weedseeker 2 only initiates a chemical release when a plant comes within the 30cm optical range of a sensor and records the application on a display. Not only can this significantly reduce the amount of chemical used, but it can extend cycle times for ATVs by lowering the refill instances per shift.

Influencing so much of what we do, monitoring the weather is becoming increasingly important in the management of land. Using Spectrum weather stations and accompanying sensors it is possible not only to record, but see the rainfall, sunlight hours, temperature and more remotely. With areas of recreation or public access it can be important to understand the conditions to make informed decisions such as application of grit in frosty weather. Should there be an incident or accident, it is possible to interrogate the weather information to check any contributing factors or reinforce a decision.