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Agricultural Contracting

In the fast-paced world of balancing customer requirements, machine demands and unpredictable weather, increased burdens such as legislation or low skilled labour are not welcome. Vantage ASC work with contractors to improve these areas that are in your control, allowing you to focus on the important things and make informed decisions on the move.

Aside from helping with your machine’s steering and implement control, Trimble displays also routinely collect information about the machine and implement performance. Our displays can tell you the time tasks were started and completed, and exactly how much product has been applied during that period and where using application control. With no additional work from the operator, your records are both accurate and accessible using the cloud. Data can even be wirelessly sent to your office for processing. Let Trimble take the burden of record keeping off your shoulders.

Having a wide range of agricultural implements available for your customers can be the difference between winning and losing contracts. However, one of the key challenges is getting the implements to communicate effectively with the machines. Vantage ASC provides market leading Muller and Trimble Electronic Control Units (ECUs) which include ISOBUS functionality. Communicating with new equipment or retrofitting to existing machinery allows you to seamlessly control your implements regardless of the type of tractor or brand you’re using. You can rely on us to deliver uniformity across your implements and simplify the controls for your operators.

Bringing multiple brands of machinery into agricultural contracting business can pose challenges. This can include issues with the accuracy of your tractor steering. However, Trimble displays are designed to be compatible with any equipment type or brand, making it the perfect partner for cross fleet steering. From integrated steering valves to retrofit motors, Vantage ASC can deliver steering accuracy from 40cm to 2.5cm across your entire fleet. You can also benefit from our Correction Signal service which delivers accuracy throughout the UK allowing you to be compatible with customer systems wherever they are, year on year. From Quadtracs to Quad Bikes, our steering solutions can help get all your customer’s machines on the right track.

Whether you run one or 100 machines, it is important your contract farming investments are working for you. Vantage ASC can offer tracking solutions to monitor your equipment’s location and status. This is available for both powered and non-powered machines such as implements. Utilising Trimble displays it is also possible to monitor equipment Controller Area Network (CAN) messages*, share data such as A-B lines or field boundaries, and issue work to operators – all without leaving the office. Connect your machines, keep them moving for longer and never lose an attachment or implement again, with help from our improved utilisation products.

*Vehicle dependent