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Dairy Farming

The art of turning grass into milk is not a simple one, we recognise this and have a selection of products which could be used to help not only improve production, but also the use of your time, which is precious between milking.

Using our compaction tools it is possible to test the soil and wirelessly transfer the measurement to a phone. Additional areas of interest could include soil temperature, moisture or salinity; all of which can be measured using our weather station and accompanying sensors. Bringing all of this information into a single portal can be powerful, especially when compared with above ground measures such as weather. Make informed decisions for your crops or leys using some of our monitoring tools.

One constant in the business is milking, other operations are often fitted around this routine so it is important to get the most of your time in the field. Using guidance receivers allows your machine to be accurate every pass, day or night which can often save time in the field. Integrated steering with new machines or steering motors on existing ones of all brands and models. Get centimetre accuracy on your mower, drill and fertiliser spinner by sharing the guidance across machines or implements.

Input costs are rising and it is not limited to fertiliser, concentrates and labour are also increasing in price to farm businesses. Using our technology it is possible to automate the on/ off function of a fertiliser spreader as it approaches the headland, reducing the amount of material applied in areas where it is not needed. It is also possible for us to monitor blockages on machines, receive a visual and audible alarm if the seed coulter is blocked on your drill for example. Taking advantage of existing sensors or fitting new ones, we can integrate your implements ISOBUS into your machine to improve recording, application rates and operator skill levels immediately.

Being able to measure the weather and conditions in real time can not only help you with immediate decisions, but it can allow you to reflect on previous conditions to check if your decision was the right one. Our weather stations will allow you to capture everything from rainfall to sun radiation, delivering the information in a simple application available on your phone or pc. Understand if field moisture was too high for that fertiliser application, or if your grass has enough warmth to grow.

Accurately measuring your land and categorising its crops can deliver huge benefits when it comes to rearing a dairy herd. Often when measured digitally farmers will be surprised with how much smaller (or bigger) a field is, allowing them to adjust their livestock units accordingly. Digitally mapping fields by hand can also deliver reference point(s) for other decisions such as electric fencing position, water pipe routing, best area for a track or rotation frequency. Machine mounted and handheld solutions available, bring your farm to life with Trimble.