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As more emphasis is put on our environment and carbon it is clear trees can be one of our allies in the fight to reduce emissions, Vantage ASC products can help get more trees per hectare whether they be for long term or short term growing cycles. Employing our products with your existing system can help you reduce the manual inputs and very likely increase speed and efficiency as a result.

Using Trimble receivers it is possible to map areas using vehicles or personnel, make sure every hectare is counted ahead of planting operations. A selection of vehicle mounted receivers make it possible to quickly measure area boundaries or tree lines using 4×4 or ATVs, giving you a whole area measurement accurately for your field teams. Our handheld device allows access to hard-to-reach areas and delivers maps in the same format, bringing all of your areas together in one single digital map.

Adding features to digital maps makes them richer and of more value, especially from a health and safety perspective when staff are visiting a site for the first time. Using Trimble mobile apps makes it possible to map a single point (electricity pole) or a zone (watercourse) on the map and naming them for easy identification, accuracy to 1cm using Trimble Catalyst. If using ahead of operations for planning, or when operators are working during the day or night a feature rich map can significantly help reduce risk and improve efficiency.

Trimble correction signals are available in a number of format to suits you, from <15cm to 1cm accuracy depending on your receiver or application. Our dedicated administrator is able to recommend and deliver signals to you, proactively reminding you before they expire to make sure you are not left unable to work. Delivered by radio, satellite or sim card, our signals are available and suitable for most areas of the UK.

Using a Trimble display makes it possible to visualise a straight line across an area for operators to follow, this can be pre-set to a desired spacing which allows uniform rows throughout the planting area. Further accuracy can be delivered using Remote Output, programming a linear distance into these rows will allow a Trimble display to generate an audible alarm or machine instruction at the set point. Being able to plant trees at optimum distance in all directions is simple to achieve and possible to automate using Trimble Remote Output.

When looking to deliver uniformity in spacing and also mound depth, machine positioning is crucial and so is consistency from the operator. Trimble receivers allow accurate pass to pass accuracy from <15cm to 2.5cm ensuring machine position is where it should be for the implement, reducing any overlaps or misses. Taking advantage of machine steering can remove the steering operation from the operator, allowing them to completely focus on the mounders depth, vehicle speed or obstacles as they go about their work.

Whether you are recording field boundaries, planting new tree lines or applying chemical to cropped areas it is important to record progress and materials associated with the task. Using Trimble displays it is possible to record start and stop times, coverage logging, speed, application rate and more with no additional input from the operator. View on the display or download for additional analysis and record keeping both possible, leave nothing to guesswork.

Operating in remote areas with high value assets can be high risk and difficult to manage, so being able to see equipment location and working state can be of great value beyond theft recovery. Using our products, it is possible to retrofit tracking to a vehicle, machine or non-powered asset such as a trailer or fuel bowser. For those looking to remotely manage operations, Trimble can deliver a view of machine location, operating state and even path of work every 60 seconds to a phone tablet or PC using display connections and cloud based software. Severely cut down on risks and mileage associated with managing equipment using Vantage ASC.