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Hire / Rental

Delivering the best products at the right time and price for your customers is always a challenge and making sure they are the right specification only adds complexity. We understand these challenges and can not only supply products to help manage and compliment your portfolio, but also to reduce the barriers when putting equipment into customers machines or businesses.

All fleets large or small can benefit from asset tracking and not only to recover equipment if stolen. Installing devices to both powered and non-powered assets can give you a picture of equipment location, work state and its route. As a hire controller it can be invaluable to see internal vehicles and assets when planning the next hire, or understand when machines have been working outside of contracted hours to reduce lost revenue.

Being able to offer your machines with steering does not need to be complicated. We understand that having every machine in your fleet with steering and a display is not economical, and it is often complex as existing systems on farm may not be compatible. Our equipment is brand agnostic and can be integrated into most machines, so why not offer a display and steering function as an option and have us fit them at PDI before delivery.

As a supplier of Trimble hardware we have a dedicated correction signals administrator responsible for keeping machines accurate throughout England & Wales. We are able to offer accuracy from <40cm to 2.5cm pass to pass with options of year-on-year repeatability. These can be activated on a wide variety of Trimble receivers and delivered using satellite, radio RTK or sim card. Let us take the burden of correction signals specification and renewal dates so you can focus on running your business.

Implements often come with a variety of terminals or control boxes, each of which is susceptible to theft, loss or worse still; not being compatible with the power unit. We are able to supply ISOBUS terminals and ECUs which can uniform all of your implement controls, making them much easier to specify for machines and keep track of standalone terminals. Imagine how simple it would be to select any implement knowing it is ISOBUS ready and hear no installation issues.

We offer Trimble and Muller displays which can be used not only for steering equipment, but they are terminals for ISOBUS and can also show external camera inputs. Using a simple power source it is possible to have a android display in the machine cab and use for a host of functions, adding to it where required to meet customer expectation. If the customer wants a camera, then ISOBUS, then steering; it can all be delivered using a single display.

Be it for a specific contract or to up spec items in your fleet, retrofit weigh loaders can increase the functionality of your fleet and add value to your customers moving material. Using Trimble technology it is possible to install tractor loaders, loading shovels or telehandlers which allow single and aggregate loading totals on an easy to read display.

As the need for connectivity increases, so does the customer expectation of it being available in their machines. At Vantage ASC we can supply a selection of modems to deliver in-cab WIFI for operators to utilise their mobile devices or machine installed displays. Delivering internet connectivity can also improve data transfer between vehicles and cloud based systems, connecting your service fleet and logistics teams for example.