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Vegetables / Salads

When the product in the field will be visually the same product which appears on the shelf, uniformity and traceability is everything to maintain high standards expected by our public. Being able to accurately collect, analyse and present information is crucial for informed decision making. Our hardware and software solutions make implementing these solutions seamless.

Often with a low tolerance to weather events it is essential these crops are grown in optimum conditions to meet performance schedules and harvesting deadlines. Weather stations and accompanying sensors will allow you to remotely monitor field, zone and even foreign country activity keeping you on top of the crop and its operations. Associating weather information from our static or vehicle-based weather stations removes any doubt of the conditions when activities were performed and can reduce the burden associated with administration. Reliable measurement, recording and storage of your weather data from Spectrum.

With high value plants grown in bed formations it is crucial machines are not destroying crop as they go about their operations. Trimble machine steering can operate at 2.5cm accuracy pass to pass with year on year repeatability, we can even steer axles independently to maintain course along hillsides. Being able to save multiple vehicle configurations, operate at low speeds and share A-B lines between vehicles Trimble is one of the leaders in the field of vegetable and salad crops.

A solution compatible with sliding headstocks and steering axles, Trimble TrueGuide can ensure your machines are in the right place regardless of conditions. Using two receivers it is possible for the guidance to physically engage a steering function to bring the implement on the correct line, often a planter or mechanical hoe where precision is everything. Using in house expertise it is possible to steer in both forward and reverse, something to consider for trailers with steering axles when crop conditions restrict vehicle access.

The foundation of any operation is accuracy and making sure it is delivered appropriately to meet your requirements be that year on year repeatability or pass for pass accuracy. Vantage ASC offer a dedicated corrections service which can provide 2.5cm accuracy by satellite, RTK radio or VRS. Our equipment can be specified to fit in with your existing network and we can extend or reduce networks based on your growing area. Keeping your equipment in the right place is our priority and we have multiple options to suit growers, contractors and processors alike.

Plants that are susceptible to the conditions around them require constant monitoring, as do the soils in which they grow. Monitoring crops on a zone rather than a field basis allows much more detailed inspection and reporting, scouting can play a key part in this. Using our online tool it is possible to connect your in field operatives with advisors in the office, capturing images and location of events before wirelessly transferring them around your system to allow immediate decision making or accurate record keeping. Linking soil behaviour, plant disease or pest burden to digital mapping can vastly improve your targeting and response times to changes in crop condition.

Appearance can be everything, crop uniformity is something which can set you apart from other suppliers and getting the right product in the right place at the right quantity is crucial. With integrated or retrofit variable rate ECUs it is possible to apply product as per the prescription map which is created. Continually varying the rate or even stopping it completely over certain zones is possible with Trimble, capacity for 255 sections and up to 6 channels make us comfortable with most applications.

With growers increasing in population and geographic size, connecting people to the plants and each other is becoming increasing important. Trimble hardware and software integrate to deliver a smooth flow of information between all parties in the Connected Farm. For example a scouting report can be captured in the field, remotely read by an agronomist who then generates a work order which can be sent wirelessly to the sprayer for the operator to complete before returning to the yard. Accurate information is as important as accurate application, collecting and recording the instances throughout this cycle can be priceless in realising operational efficiency.