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Asset Monitoring

You have worked hard to own your assets, therefore it is important to keep track of them. Vantage ASC have a selection of products which can deliver a level of tracking to suit your requirements and needs to make your business safer and more efficient.

Equipment which does not have its own battery source can be as big as an investment as those which do, take an Ifor Williams trailer for example. Our non-powered asset tags allow you to discretely install and then report on asset location from your phone or pc. Having the ability to name and report on the asset movement gains a better insight into activity and location. No longer is loss of a diesel bowser, trailer or implement a concern. Great for;

  • Fuel bowsers
  • Implements
  • Machine attachments
  • Trailers and horseboxes
  • Rented vehicles
  • Hand power tools

Assets with a battery source can deliver a reliable power supply to not only charge the device, but also increase its reporting instances. Discreetly install our powered vehicle trackers with a battery connection and our device will show location reporting and ignition status (on/off) via our online portal. Great for both on road and off highway plant, these devices come with geo fencing capabilities to add another dimension to your assets management. Popular applications include:

  • Locating/ recovering vehicles
  • Identifying routes used
  • Reporting instances in/ out of a specific location
  • Monitoring machines remain outside of a specific location
  • Understanding vehicle speeds

Adding another dimension to location, using a Trimble display it is possible to integrate with machine CANBUS networks* and report on machine performance wirelessly with a modem, Farmer Core & a display connection. Being able to visually see statuses such as engine on/ off, moving or not moving can bring great value to operations managers and business owners alike. Trimble utilisation is able to illustrate this information clearly showing utilisation time on a project, or waiting time on a loading site. Reporting as frequent as every 60 seconds a detailed picture of machine performance and working paths can be displayed to make informed decision making on the spot.

*Depth of information will depend on machine manufacturer