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Record Keeping

Vantage are a leading supplier of record keeping solutions for land-based operations across England and Wales.

Designed to streamline and optimise data collection, these record keeping products are specially created with agricultural land management in mind.

For over 30 years, we’ve nurtured our passion for UK-based agriculture, farming and the environment to deliver exceptional precision technology equipment and customer care. We are dedicated to supporting a hassle-free experience for UK farmers and agronomists.

We are official distributors of the full suite of Trimble solutions, designed to make precision technology work seamlessly across all your farming and agricultural operations.

Our record keeping products streamline your data management so you can more easily tap into information that will help you optimise your yield and grow your business.

From analysing vegetation maps, to facilitating better water management, with record keeping software it’s never been easier to turn real-time data into profitable decisions.

Our solutions securely store all your data in one place which you can easily access at any time from your mobile or desktop device. Collect, share, and manage information from across your agricultural operations in real time to make better decisions out on the field and facilitate easier collaboration with advisors and stakeholders.

Assisting you in the office and out on the field, we won’t just deliver and install the software, we can also train you how to use it and make the most of all the applications. You can also select from a variety of modules that can be customised to provide a comprehensive management solution that matches your requirements.

Map viewing software

From software that allows you to simply view maps of your agricultural land, to a more advanced system that provides layering functionality, our map viewing software enables you to maintain up-to-date field record keeping.

Utilising our Farmer Pro package it is possible to access calibrated vegetation index maps throughout the growing season which will help you analyse changes in crop health.

Application Recording

Increased focus on what is being applied to the ground and when is a key driver for automating some of the information exchanges, this can be done with Trimble hardware and software products. By using Farmer Core it is possible to download information from your display which includes application information such as coverage, rate and timings. Using these layers it is possible to see what was applied where and when, we can even overlay an accurate weather map of in field conditions using a vehicle mounted weather station.

Operational Costing

By linking a machine display to the cloud based software, it is possible for you to assign costs to a specific display/ machine, this can include everything from vehicle and implement running costs to operators. Utilising the display connection it is possible for the display to record tasks and allocate these costs to the specific client, farm or field. Tasks returning from the display wirelessly are then stacked awaiting your approval. Get a true picture of operation costs simply using our platforms.