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Here at AS Communications, we take pride in providing a dedicated Correction Services specialist. We’re one of the few companies in the UK to offer this committed aftercare Service to its valued customers.

Ben, who heads our Correction Services team, has worked with the company for over ten years. Ben is highly knowledgeable and professional and delivers unbeatable expertise and assistance.

Our primary role is to support our customers with their Correction Services, we monitor their existing signals and call them before it runs out to make sure they are never without signal when they need it most

We are only a phone call away if ever the need arises, keeping you and your machinery on the straight and narrow, providing the support and reassurance you require.

Why choose RangePoint RTX Correction Service?

The RangePoint RTX Correction Service is a great all-rounder, perfect for those looking for increased accuracy over traditional methods but not requiring the year-on-year repeatability associated with some systems. Activating RangePoint RTX will deliver a correction of <15cm pass to pass, that is a variance of +/- 7.5cm either way of your A-B line. The signal is transmitted using satellites, so it’s available throughout the country without the need for mobile base stations or the changing of frequencies. RangePoint is also repeatable within 50 centimetres, suiting most applications where machines leave and then re-enter the field, returning to the position where they stopped work with confidence. Customers enjoy the freedom associated with RangePoint RTX and are using it for a wide range of applications, accuracy is of course subjective so we recommend understanding your requirements ahead of activation.

GNSS data tends to be more reliable than common GPS data, even though they work together, because GNSS-compatible equipment can use navigational satellites from other networks beyond just the GPS system.

Why choose this CenterPoint RTX Fast subscription?

If you have a NAV 900 receiver which isn’t high accuracy, but you’re unsure if you can justify the investment in an upgrade, the CenterPoint RTX Fast subscription is for you. Combining both the high accuracy functionality and the correction signal in a single subscription, Trimble are making the upgrade easier and arguable more cost-effective for the customer. With a 2.5cm pass to pass accuracy, this signal can keep the largest of vehicle and implement combinations on track for extended periods of time, allowing operators to continue work with confidence day or night. Add to this the year-on-year repeatability, business owners and operators alike can be comfortable that field lines, boundaries or obstacles will be exactly where they were recorded and not victims of satellite drift. Reduce your capital investment but enjoy the same benefits, one subscription designed around you.

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What is RTK?

RTK stands for Real Time Kinematics (RTK). RTK is a satellite data correction system used in agriculture to ensure that things like land surveys and maps are accurate.

Why choose RTK?

This RTK correction signal is perfect if you are within one of the geographic areas which the network covers and do not want to invest in your own RTK base station. ASC Net will deliver reliable RTK correction signal to your vehicles year-on-year, allowing A-B line accuracy which is repeatable. Maintenance of the network includes regular surveying of base station locations to reduce drift and allows us to move machines between ASC Net and Trimble RTX should any issues arise. With a dedicated RTK administrator, you can be assured we will be in touch before signals expire, all part of the service from AS Communications.

Why choose CenterPoint VRS?

Delivering the same benefits as the CenterPoint RTX, but through the cellular network, the CenterPoint VRS Correction Service is a strong alternative to RTK Radio. Utilising the cellular network allows a fast convergence time and gives you the flexibility of being able to roam nationwide with confidence in your accuracy. Available in a number of contract lengths, the correction signal is also flexible to suit you and your applications. The Sierra Wireless RV55 modem from Vantage ASC is the perfect partner for delivering this signal into your displays, built to be used in tough environments, this combination can keep up with your high workload and exacting standards.

Some Correction Services have different applications depending on their intended purpose. For example, the RangePoint RTX is for broad-acre applications, as noted by Trimble.

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Correction Service FAQs

The cost of Trimble CenterPoint RTX Fast depends on the length of subscription that you choose.

  • 1-year/£650
  • 2-year/£1,235
  • 3-year/£1,755
  • 5-year/£2,600

All prices are excluding VAT.

The Trimble CenterPoint RTX is compatible with
Trimble NAV-900 / Trimble TMX-2050 and CNH NAV-900 / CNH XCN-2050.

The RangePoint RTX offers <15cm pass-to-pass accuracy, making it ideal for broad-acre applications. This is considered a mid-accuracy correction service.

Both RangePoint RTX and ViewPoint RTX initialisation times are typically less than 5 minutes. The RTX service has standard (global) regions and fast regions, with fast region convergence being almost instantaneous. In standard regions, convergence time is 15 to 20 minutes.

After the convergence time, RTX provides an average 2cm position and 4cm height accuracy. RTX tech, therefore, has a significant advantage in that it offers a global solution compared to RTK, which provides a regional or a network-based solution.

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