Support - AS Communications (UK) Ltd.

Behind each product or service there is a dedicated team of support personnel there to help maintain and monitor its performance for your business. Our remote coverage throughout England & Wales aims to deliver local support on a national level, remotely and in the field. Using customised systems and tools we actively triage calls, have direct links to Trimble technical expertise and increase service levels during busy periods, all to deliver you the best customer experience in our industry.

Support Line

The Vantage ASC support line is a call centre manned by our service engineers delivering free of charge technical assistance to Vantage ASC customers. We understand issues arise in the field and this facility is our first line of support to keep you up and running. Armed with technical documentation and expertise we aim to diagnose if not resolve issues over the phone before engaging a field support call.

Field Support

Most, but not all issues can be resolved remotely and that is why we maintain our field support service throughout England & Wales. Our in-house team and approved partners are equipped to attend, diagnose and rectify issues as you experience them in the machines usual operating environment. Often carrying service support units we can maintain your uptime while taking the offending product off for repair. Keeping you moving is our top priority

Repair Centre

As the approved warranty repair centre for the UK and Ireland, Vantage ASC is well placed to keep your equipment running should the worst happen. Our engineers attend regular training from our suppliers to improve their knowledge and keep on top of any updates or changes to product lines. Often diagnosing issues over the phone, our shipping service allows a stress free submission of products for repair with updates on their status before return. Services are also available on site with our remote based team, often equipment can be repaired before being replaced.


When delivering technology to our industries for 30+ years we have the benefit of experience on our side, something we see the value of and want to share making our industry more effective. The Vantage ASC knowledge centre is designed to assist people in the industry get more from their technology products and arm them with reference material available in the field where it is needed most. Our team of personnel are always on hand to assist with questions and those which cannot be answered, will be investigated. Continue to grow with the Vantage ASC knowledge centre.

Remote Support

Teamviewer Remote Support puts our experts in your field with no delay. Utilising built in WIFI connectivity of the Trimble displays, Teamviewer can be downloaded and allows our service & support team to remotely log in to your device. Further improving our diagnosis success rate, engineers can remotely control the display and connected implements to navigate menus and retrieve settings associated with the machine. Free of charge to our Vantage ASC customers, we go the extra mile to keep you in the field for longer.