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Hill Farming

If you’re raising sheep or other livestock on high or hilly land, our land management guidance tools can help ensure you’re using your land as efficiently and sustainably as possible. Our correction signals can be adapted to suit the topography of your business to reduce the risks of shadowing from hills or valleys. Partnered with displays and implement control we can help ensure the right product is being applied at the right rates, adjusting them to the quality and type of soil while on the move.

Using Trimble guidance displays it’s possible to accurately map all field boundaries on your farm, understand their real working areas and assign them a name for simple recognition of information recording. Having guidance can help you work your fields in the most efficient way, creating a set of A-B lines to your desired path, reducing any overlaps or misses when completing work and making it much easier to maintain performance at night. In addition, being able to record non-productive areas or objects on the LCD display can reduce the chances of breaking rules associated with schemes and significantly lower the risk of implement damage from strikes.

Square fields are not common in the UK and adjusting your work to suit the field could be a thing of the past with Trimble section control. When using your display alongside an implement it is possible for your digitally mapped boundaries to switch the implement on or off as required, avoiding spreading into a watercourse, for example. It is also possible for implements to turn on and off based on previous applications, meaning no more guessing where to engage the fertiliser spinner as you come off the headland or struggling to see your sprayer boom in the dark.

Completing a field operation will take thousands of physical adjustments to the steering wheel. Our retrofit steering motors can take this operation away from the operator, allowing them to focus fully on the task in hand. With a solution for any vehicle including new guidance ready machines, Vantage England & Wales are able to install a number of products which will automatically steer your vehicle based on your preset A-B lines or headland steering patterns. Introducing this technology to your business can severely reduce fatigue associated with long days, leaving you more refreshed to look after the animals.

Making the most of every acre is important on both low and high ground – soils and their condition can vary a lot on farms with livestock. Taking knowledge and information of the environment and using it to tailor your nutrient application rather than using the same across the whole field can make a great difference to performance. Not only can you put more where it is required, but you can put none where it would make no difference and be wasted. You can also instantly upskill an operator by letting the machine change the rate, with you setting the tolerance.

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